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1996, Kolbus


HD 151.P

High Capacity Three Knife Trimmer

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  • Max Size Range Trimmed

    11.8 Width x 15.27 Height x 3.14" Thick

  • Min Size Range Trimmed

    3.9 Width x 4.72 Height x 0.78" Thick

  • Size Range Untrimmed

    12.2 Width x 15.74 Height x 3.14" Thick

  • Max Stack Height


  • Front Cut-Off Width


  • Head and Tail Cut Off Width


  • Mechanical Speed

    6.600 Cycles/Hour

  • Machine Dimensions

    7' 9" L x 7.4" W x 5.7" H

  • Net Weight

    12,540 Lbs

  • Terms

    Skidded and Loaded for Shipment

For three side trimming of book blocks and brochures, used as an individual machine or as a unit within production lines.

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1996 Kolbus HD 151.P High Capacity Three Knife Trimmer –

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