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. . . ‘Cause You Can’t Get Far Without Great Partners!

Relationships have been foundational to the success of Best Graphics’ four decade old business model. Whether it be the brands we’ve been with “since the beginning”, or the new organizations we’ve recently made “in roads” with, you’ll find more details about our reputable manufacturers, vendor partners, and sales agents below!


Komori America (Chicago, IL) – 


Best Graphics were approached by Komori America in 2016 to begin selling our post-Press equipment alongside their Japanese manufactured Offset Presses, and Digital Presses. Headquartered just 90 miles South of Best Graphics facilities, Komori typically stock Best Graphics’ Itotec line of Guillotine Paper Cutters, or Busch Pile Turner-Aerators in their Chicago-based Graphic Technology Center, and actively sell Best Graphics’ post-Press portfolio of equipment to their end users via their KomoriKare division.


To learn more about Komori America, click here.


Osako Saddle Stitchers (Tokyo, Japan) – 


Best Graphics have been importing, distributing, and supporting Osako’s line of Japanese, automated Saddle Stitchers for over three decades. Founded in the early 1900s, Osako was our first partner that sought out an exclusive importer, ultimately transitioning Best Graphics from a regional distributorship of CTP, Offset Press and Bindery equipment to a nationwide sales and service organization. Forging relations of over three generations of ownership, Best Graphics and Osako are truly “one” family.


For further information about Osako automated Saddle Stitchers, click here.


PPCTS Technologies (Milwaukee, WI) – 


Best Graphics were approached by Rich McDonald, President of PPCTS, in 2019 in support of the DGM line of high speed Straightline, Auto-bottom and 4- & 6-corner Folder Gluers. Located just 4 minutes drive from one another, layering our sales staff over PPCTS’ team allows for expanded marketing initiatives, increased Folder Gluer sales, and packaging of Best Graphics’ line of Young Shin Die Cutters, Blankers, Foil Stampers and Corrugated machines with DGM’s Smartfold Classic, Smartfold Ultra, and Megafold series of automated Folder Gluers.


For further information about the DGM line of Folder Gluers, click here.


Young Shin Flatbed Die Cutters, Blankers, Foil Stampers (Daegu, Korea) – 


Best Graphics, in partnership with Phil Mack and Young Shin USA Limited, have been representing the Young Shin line of South Korean built flatbed Die Cutters with Stripping, Die Cutter Blankers, and Foil Stampers for a decade. In 2019 Young Shin USA Limited expanded Best Graphics’ equipment access to also include sales of the Young Shin line of flatbed Corrugated Die Cutters as well. Manufactured in South Korea in machine sizes ranging from 41″, 57″ up to 98″, Young Shin provides North American clients dependable Die Cutting equipment at affordable prices, and a post-Sales service & parts staff that are dispersed throughout the United States: Atlanta, Michigan, Kansas, Colorado, and California. Interested in “kicking tires” on a Young Shin? We typically stock a machine on our Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based factory floor for Folded Carton demonstrations!


For further information about our Young Shin Die Cutters, click here.