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The world of Graphic Arts, Bindery, Finishing & Packaging feels like it has three words for every machine, service, or job application! In effort to help clients understand our world of machinery a glossary of terms below will give guidance of how customers can can buy equipment:


 >> As Is, Where Is, Equipment that is sold exactly as it sounds: the equipment is represented in its current condition, and is ready for pick up where it is presently located; purchasing equipment “As Is, Where Is” implies added costs to the purchaser; namely, the cost to arrive onsite and dismantle the equipment; the cost of wood, fork trucks and riggers to remove the machinery; the cost of a freight truck or container to ship the machinery;  Note: the equipment is represented without warranty, nor operability


>> Cleaned & Checked, The equipment has been cleaned by Best Graphics’ Service Department and key sections of the equipment have been reviewed for noticeable defects; the sale of the equipment will state the machinery is either a). operable or b). include a warranty with purchase


>> Overhauled, The equipment has been cleaned by Best Graphics’ Service Department, major components and guarding have been removed for our Service Technicians to gain access to the machinery; certain areas of the machine, typically, core to the engineering of the equipment are gone through, and investments to enhance or return the equipment to its original functionality are facilitated; the sale of equipment that has been overhauled by Best Graphics’ technicians includes a warranty, and in most cases clients utilize us for installation and training; Note: Overhauling, not too dissimilar from reconditioning or refurbishing machinery, is not rebuilding of equipment


>> Rebuilt, The equipment has been stripped down to the frames or “studs” at which point in time highly technical aspects of the machine are completely modified, such as: electrical, air, mechanical, and body painting of the entire machine; at times, this process may be a complete substitue of the machine’s core components due to a lack of access to legacy parts or suppliers; Graphic Arts industry specialists would purport that this process. with respect to secondhand machinery, occurs less than 5 – 10% of the time and, when done, returns the equipment to its technical specifications when originally manufactured; Note: it is not uncommon for equipment to be marketed, and sold with a machine history [I.E., “CarFax Report”] that was once rebuilt in years gone by; for example, “This 1997 vintage machine, which was rebuilt in 2004 is currently for sale, is under power, and operating weekly”.


>> Skidded & Loaded, The equipment dismantle, preparations for loading [skids, straps] and loading of the equipment onto a truck are the responsibility of Best Graphics;  Note: the equipment is a). unless specified otherwise, still represented without warranty, nor operability and b). arrangement of a truck, and delivery is still the responsibility of the buyer


>> Delivered to Your Door, Implied that the equipment will be dismantled, loaded and transported to your facilites;  Note: unless specified otherwise, all delivieres of equipment are assumed to deliver at dock height; removal of the equipment is the responsibility of the buyer


>> Delivered an&d Installed,  As is suggests, Best Graphics skid, load, deliver and re-install the equipment at your desired location; frequently, the equipment is negotiated to include a warranty;  Note: Unloading of the equipment, foundational requirements, and air/electrical setup are the responsibility of the buyer


>> Delivered & Installed with Training,  Same as above but with a negotiated number of days of training; looking to understand “what it takes” to purchase your next machine “turn key’d”? Have a look at examples of projects we deliver, install and train teams on [and how many days you should anticipate when forecasting a budget].


Contact our Sales team, and ask for a formal quotation today! Or, call Gary Martin, in Service, should you only need our services to help dismantle, re-locate and install your recently purchased “toys”!