Best Graphics Triumphs Over Polar for Multi-Piece Purchase


Best Graphics Trumps Polar, Blumer for Canada-based, Multi-Facility Commercial Printer’s New Purchase – 


Best Graphics are Busch’s Distributor, and Post-Sales Support for North America


A multi-facility, high profile Canadian-based Commercial Printer has elected Best Graphics (Milwaukee, WI) as their partner for their recent acquisition of Finishing equipment.  Their team will be receiving Busch B+P High Die Cutting, and Busch KF Waste Conveying solutions. The equipment will be delivering from Busch’s Hamburg, Germany facilites August Wk 1.


During the discovery process, the client demonstrated Best Graphics’ Busch line of products, in addition to Polar (Germany), and Blumer (Switzerland) equipment. Ultimately, our technical capabilities, extended machine warranty, and extremely reactive post-Sales support granted us Canada’s trust.


A few highlights about the scope of the project and how Best Graphics, our vendor partner, and the end-user worked towards the mutually agreed sale:


  • The this large, established Commercial Printer is new to the High Die Cutting space, which allowed Best Graphics to educate them about the viability of tackling a new category of business
  • Due to Best Graphics/Busch’s high volume of output per machine, the Printer was able to close 5-year contracts with their prospective customers, thereby strengthening the ROI on these capital expenditures
  • An onsite factory visit allowed the Printer to understand Best Graphics, and Busch’s infrastructe in greater detail; subsequent discussions for additional machines – in other categories – have already commenced
  • Best Graphic and Busch were able to describe various Printers – Stateside, in Europe, and in Africa – who are fulfilling the same end-user work on Busch Die Cutting machines
  • Quick turnaround times were not an issue, given Best Graphics technical “know how” of air freighting in equipment from international partners
  • Extended 3-year machine warranties gives the Printer, new to this segment of business, the assurance they, and their operators need
  • Best Graphics’ honest, affordable pricing when compared to Polar High Die Cutters, and Blumer High Die Cutters means lower carrying costs, and larger margins for the Printer


With a team of Sales Representatives, Service Technicians, and a dedicated Parts Department | Parts Manager, Best Graphics were able to sell 183 machines in 2018. This client is one of the 150 – 175+ machine projects Best Graphics will facilitate in 2019. 


Best Graphics are passionate in our pursuit of aiding clients with new, used, and overhauled Bindery, Finishing, and Packaging equipment. Want to learn more about us? Take a “virtual tour” of our centrally located, Midwest headquarters. Who knows, you may end up having some questions of your own. We’re here to help!


. . . Best Graphics: helping you finish first more consistently!


Boston Folded Carton Shop Select Best Graphics for Their Equipment Needs


Best Graphics: The Preferred “Packaging” Providers – 


Best Graphics | North American Importer for Busch Pile Turner-Aerators


A multi-national Packaging firm headquartered in Europe, with (3) locations across North American, have selected Best Graphics (Milwaukee, WI) as their supplier of choice for Boston’s upcoming Pile Turner-Aerator purchase.


Best Graphics, the importers and distributors of the Busch line of German-built Pile Turner-Aerators, will be installing a Busch SWH 155 RLA model to support this Folded Carton plant’s high speed, oversized Heidelberg XL Sheetfed Printing Press.


Busch, the leading distributor of Pile Turners worldwide, have 2,000 Pile Turner sales spanning 180+ countries to date. Recognized for their head duty construction, Siemens electronics, and easily portable design, Busch’s SWH 155 RLA model includes (4) Air Jets as standard, and “Jaws” that can support up to 78″ pile heights.


This machine will be installed, and supported by Best Graphics’ Service Department in combination with a new 54″ Itotec eRC-137DX Guillotine Cutter sale.


Best Graphics | North American Importer of Itotec Guillotine Cutters


Best Graphics are the North American importers, and distributors of the Japanese built Itotec double-arm, dual clamp Itotec Cut Systems – Lifts, Joggers, Cutters, and Unloaders.


This New England Packaging company needed to cut down thick board, folded carton stock, in addition to plastic film for their downstream Windowing (Window Patching) machinery. Itotec’s dual gear box, dual clamping system was recognized as the Cutter of choice for such grueling product materials.


With 100-years of Guillotine Cutting manufacturing excellence, Itotec has become synonymous with reliability, durability, precision, and performance. With a clientele of users currently cutting offset litho sheets to chip board to circuitry board to kevlar to graphite, Best Graphics were the ideal partner for this fast paced, multi-national Carton shop.


Having problems with your legacy, single-arm Polar Cutter? Best Graphics’s Service & Parts Department can help.


Thinking about a new Guillotine? Our Itotec Cutters weigh 1-ton more than Polar 115 N, and used Polar 115 EMC Cutters. Contact our Sales Department today, and ask about how you can buy a new Guillotine Cutter with our industry leading 5-year warranty!


Best Graphics. Distributors of (15) lines of new post-Press machinery. Get your package pricing today!


Best Graphics Visits European Vendor Partners


Europe: ITA, SWTZ, GER | December 2013


Greetings from somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean – 20,000 feet up in the sky! Best Graphics is wrapping up a 10-day Europe excursion where we visit the facilities of our vendor partners – old and new! The trip spanned five cities and took us across Italy, Switzerland and Germany.


Zechini – Milan, Italy


Tucked in a small commercial park outside Milan, Italy lies Zechini’s nearly 30,000 square feet, multiple story headquarters. Zechini, your single source for short- and medium-run Book production, has celebrated over 60 years of success with over 1,500 machine installments worldwide.


In September, Zechini forged a new partnership with our organization, thereby awarding Best Graphics exclusive distribution of their product range throughout the United States and Canada.


L to R: Dan Brahm, Roberto Zechini, A.J. Brahm, Fulvio Zechini

L to R: Dan Brahm, Roberto Zechini, A.J. Brahm, Fulvio Zechini


Myself, and Dan Brahm,  President of Best Graphics, spent two days with our Italian partners – taking time to tour their production facility, and learn more about their front office strategy.


Best Graphics Group | Zechini's Milan, Italy Front Office


Here’s a photo of Zechini’s shop, with nearly 20,000 square feet dedicated to engineering and assembly of Casemaking, Children’s Book equipment, and most recently, Luxury Box equipment. More to follow on this front!


Best Graphics Group | Zechini's Milan, Italy Plant Facilities

Zechini’s Milan, Italy Plant Facilities


One thing can be said with certainty, Zechini is introducing exciting new products into the marketplace, and Best Graphics is eager to report.


Namely, the release of both the Red Arrow, and Silver Arrow, for medium- and high-speed Children’s Book production is rolling out smoothly. The technical engineering is mechanically sound, and the marketing strategy to distribute the line is well under way.


Best Graphics Group | Zechini Red Arrow for Children's Book Production

Zechini Red Arrow for Children’s Book Production


Is your organization currently producing Children’s Books? Are you subbing out the work to China, but upset with the quality produced? Look no further. Bring that work back to the States! Let a Best Graphics Sales Representative show you how!


Best Graphics Group | Zechini's Silver Arrow for Children's Book Production

Zechini’s Silver Arrow for Children’s Books



In addition to the Red, and Silver, Arrow, Zechini has released the Magneton, a high-speed inline, or offline, magnet inserter for production of Hard Cover Cases, luxury Rigid Boxes, and layflat, collapsible Gift boxes.


Best Graphics Group | Zechini Magneton Automatic Magnet Inserter

Zechini Magneton Automatic Magnet Inserter


Whether looking to source a 3-panel, 5-panel, or a 6-panel product, Zechini is your one stop shop to complete your client’s latest Casemaking request. The limits are endless, and with the high growth of the Packaging sector, you owe it to yourself to contact a Best Graphics representative today to discuss Zechini equipment opportunities.



Best Graphics Group | Zechini Casemaking Equipment for Board Books & Luxury Boxes

Zechini Casemaking Equipment for Board Books & Luxury Boxes


Go ahead, give us a call: (800) 236-7603, or request more information electronically here.


Venice, Italy & Zurich, Switzerland


Best Graphics Group | Zurich, Switzerland

Best Graphics Group | Zurich, Switzerland


Between our time in Germany to visit our Palamides and Busch vendor partners, Best Graphics visited the quaint towns of Venice, Italy and Zurich, Switzerland.


Best Graphics Group | Venice, Italy

Best Graphics Group | Venice, Italy


The views were spectacular! It goes without saying, but we at Best Graphics Group are truly blessed. Our vendor relationships take us to all corners of the globe.


Best Graphics Group | Venice, Italy

Best Graphics Group | Venice, Italy


Ever traveled to Europe, or elsewhere? Share your story, or a few photos, with us.


Palamides – Stuttgart, Germany


Twenty-five minutes West of Stuttgart rests Palamides 35,000 sq. foot corporate headquarters. Employing nearly 70 individuals, with technical expertise ranging from Sales to Engineering to Production, Palamides has enjoyed a nearly 15-year history.


Palamides Automatic Deliveries | Stuttgart, Germany

Palamides Automatic Deliveries | Stuttgart, Germany


As a nationwide distributor of Palamides products, Best Graphics was eager to visit our partner’s facilities, and learn more about the two latest lines that were introduced at PRINT ’13 in Chicago.


Palamides Smartliner 240 | Stuttgart, Germany

Palamides Smartliner 240 | Stuttgart, Germany


Known for their Automatic Deliveries, Palamides has released two complimentary products – the Sima 220 Automatic Letter Tray System and the SmartLiner 240 Single-clamp Hot Glue Perfect Binder.



After nearly two years of R&D, the Smartliner 240 is ready for multiple shift production. The machine incorporates patented Ribler glue technology, inevitably providing low energy consumtion “Smartflat” books. Palamides “Green Thumb” Perfect Binder eliminates the need for an exhaust system and emits no toxic fumes.


In fact, the Smartliner 240 was recently awarded the Baden-Wuerttemberg 2013 Environmental Technology Prize. How’s that for environmentally conscientious manufacturing?


In just two months since its release, Palamides has installed four Smartliner 240s across Europe.


The Sima 220 Automatic Letter Tray System is Palamides second recent innovative creation. These units work in conjunction with Mail Inserting machinery in large volume, high speed environments. The Sima 220 automates the presorting and letter tray preparation processes.


Checking for open flaps, non-readable addresses, and duplicates, the Sima will automatically reject bad product prior to collecting, pressing, and filling letter trays via the use of patented technology, all in accordance with USPS regulations.


Sima 220 | Palamides

Sima 220 | Palamides


Have a piece of mail that’s out of sequence? Not a problem. The Sima 220’s Sequence Repair System (SRS) will reject the marked item and inform the operator what to do with the isolated item.


Where are the added benefits of owning a Sima 220 you may ask? The answer is threefold: 1) Lower postal costs with automatically presorted and labeled letter trays; 2) Inline feeding of the Sima 220 from the delivery of your Inserter reduces the number of operators required on your production line, while also increasing the net throughput of your machines; and 3) PDF reporting tools can be sent directly to clients showcasing 100% delivery of their mail.


In the two months since its release, Palamides has installed 30 Sima 220s across Europe and the States.


Interested in learning more about the Sima 220? Don’t hesitate to ask. Call us today: (800) 236-7603. Or, email us at


Busch – Hamburg, Germany


Our fifth, and final destination on the trip brought us to Busch Machinery, located just 4 subway stops outside Hamburg’s metro-downtown.


Best Graphics Group | Hamburg, Germany

Best Graphics Group | Hamburg, Germany


Family owned, and operated, by 2nd generation Busch brothers, our newest vendor employs a staff of over 70 people.


Here’s us with Burkhardt and Ekkehardt Busch, sons of Busch Machinery’s founder, their father, Gerhard Busch.


Busch Machinery | Hamburg, Germany

L to R: Ekkehardt, Dan Brahm, Gerhard, A.J. Brahm, Burkhardt


Founded in 1949, Busch has been manufacturing a wide range of products to support many of the peripheral, material handling functions of a Printer’s operations – Pile Turning, Paper Jogging, Paper Cutting, Paper Unloading, Paper Waste Extraction Systems, and Paper Banding. Additionally, they manufacture Ram Punch Die Cutting equipment, more commonly referred to as “High Die” equipment here in the States.


Busch Pile Turners | Hamburg, Germany

Busch Pile Turners | Hamburg, Germany


Busch Ram Punch Die Cutters | Hamburg, Germany

Busch Ram Punch Die Cutters | Hamburg, Germany



With the precision and quality craftsmanship synonymous with Germany manufacturing, Busch controls all aspects of production – right down to Metal Casting, Machine Welding and Paint Finishing.


Frame Welding | Hamburg, Germany

Frame Welding | Hamburg, Germany


Paint Finishing | Hamburg, Germany

Paint Finishing | Hamburg, Germany


How does Best Graphics fit into the equation? We see a void in the distribution of Pile Turning and High Die equipment here in North America. Often we receive requests for used PMCs, or Pile Turners, only to report back to clients that there’s nothing out on the secondary market. The reason? People who invest in these categories of business are not only satisfied with their purchases, but they’re seeing direct ROI savings. Simply put, they don’t want to get rid of a “good thing!”


Are you looking for depreciation benefits of new capital investment before year’s end? Or, have you begun building 2014’s equipment budget? Speak with a Best Graphics Sales Representative today and let us help YOU save money on your next investment!


Prefer to review on your own time? Learn more about our Busch Pile Turners here.


Until next time. Err, I mean, “Auf Wiedersehen!”


– A.J. Brahm, Self-Appointed Chief Social Media Officer