A Storied Past Meets A Progressive Future

Sentinel Printing: Long Island’s Oldest, and Progressive, Printer – 


Best Graphics’ travels coast-to-coast, from the United States to Canada, in pursuit of one goal: helping client’s find value (and productivity!) in their next piece of machinery. Our Sales staff would like to argue that no stone is left unturned, and no door is left unknocked!


Because of this philosophy, we’ve seen it all. From family-owned “Mom & Pop” shops to 400+ employee, Commercial Print behemoths, no two facilities are the same. And we love it. We love your subtle differences: lobbies, plant shop configurations, personalities, management strategy, and your success stories.


Sentinel Printing, of Long Island, NY, has a story nothing short of successful! On my latest trip to New York, I sat down to hear the story first hand.


Founded in 1858, Sentinel Printing is one of Long Island’s oldest companies in operation, but more importantly, one of the oldest print shops in North America! With beginnings as a local newspaper, the company re-tooled itself in the mid-1950s as a Commercial Printer.


Best Graphics Group_Sentinel Printing Co.

Sentinel Printing Co. | Est. 1858


Currently run by 6th generation Owner, Glen Boehmer, the firm has re-shaped itself once again. In Fall of 2011, “Sustainable Green Printing Partnership” (SGP), a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the Graphic Communications industry, awarded Sentinel “SGP” certification! At the time of recepit, Sentinel was one of only fifty Commercial Print firms in the US to have completed certification. Fancy that? One of the North America’s oldest – if not the oldest – is also one of the most progressive! As the saying goes, “the only constant is change,” right?


Best Graphics Group_Sentinel Printing Co.

Glen Boehmer, President & CEO


Spanning four facilities, Sentinel Printing’s production strategies adhere to strict “Green Thumb” initiatives; from ink and paper suppliers to excess waste and environmental impact. But Glen hasn’t stopped there. In the last 18 months, Sentinel Printing installed solar panels on the roof of two buildings, ultimately allowing their Digital Department – namely, two Xerox DocuColors – running exclusively on solar power energy!


Every firm has a niche; every Printer a belief. And in this case, every printer has a passion. Glen, intends to reduce his energy consumption by 5 – 10% year over year. Albeit, by the recently installed florescent light banisters throughout Sentinel Printing, or by the suppliers they rely on day-to-day. Glen, like so many others, cautions those who say they’re “green.”


Best Graphics Group_Sentinel Printing Co.

Are You “Green” Enough?


SGP Certification, is both a passionate pursuit, and a mentality where cutting costs isn’t always the best way to maintain margins. Says Glen, “We don’t just run out and buy from sources that are polluting because they’re cheaper.”


Looking to stratecially partner with a SGP certified shop? You can learn more about Sentinel Printing by visiting their website: www.sentinelinnovation.com.


Have an innovative story to share with our staff? Contact me at (800) 236-7603 x 101.


Until next time!,


A.J. Brahm, Self-Appointed Cheif Social Media Officer

Best Graphics Hosts Clients at Chameleon Finishing Solutions Facilities

Best Graphics_Chameleon Finishing Solutions

Chameleon Finishing Solutions | Rochester, NY

This week, Best Graphics had the pleasure of hosting clients from Long Island, Illinois, and Florida at our vendor partner’s facilities. Chameleon Finishing Solutions, manufactured in the U.S.A,, has been producing creative solutions for the Packaging and Mailing worlds for nearly six years.

Best Graphics Group_Chameleon Finishing Solutions

Chameleon’s Demo Center | Rochester, NY

Located in Rochester, NY, Chameleon produces a line of Folder Gluers that were born in the Packging world, but have brought fresh ideas to the world of Direct Mail production. Modular in design, with a small footprint in mind, Chameleon systems are ideal for Commercial Printers who are looking to capture traditional Presentation Folders, Gusseted Pocket Folders, CD Sleeves, 3-Panel and 5-Panel Direct Mail applications, Tipping/Affixing work, Promotional Products, and Folded Carton jobs.

Best Graphics Group | Chameleon Finishing Solutions

A Wide Assortment of Finished Chameleon Products

Chameleon Gluers are designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled at their facilities in Rochester, NY. Owned by Joe Marrinan, Chameleon Finishing Solutions, shares warehouse space with their sister company, a manufacturing tool & die shop.

Best Graphics Group_Chameleon Finishing Solutions

Completed Upper Arm Drives | Chameleon Finishing Solutions

Here’s Joe, alongside Dan Brahm, President of Best Graphics, and our clients, “kickin’ the tires” on one of the four Chameleon Gluers that were on display, and in production, this week!

Best Graphics Group | Chameleon Finishing Solutions

Best Graphics Brings Clients to Chameleon’s Rochester, NY Facility

Have you outgrown your Kluge, or Moll, “Legacy Gluer?” Do you frequently pass on bids because your equipment can’t achieve the speeds and flexibility to run both Carton and Mailing jobs?   Sick and tired of re-doing make-readies after every machine jam? Frustrated by the limitations of where your “Legacy Gluer” can cross, and plow, fold? Have you ever wondered how in the hell they do those “Iron Crosses!?” Look no further, the Chameleon Line of economically prices Gluers is the innovative solution for you!

Best Graphics Group_Chameleon Finishing Solutions

Chameleon’s 31.5″ Working Width Model “800MXX”

Do you prefer hot melt, or cold, glue? Do you need a machine in 25″, 31.5″ or 36″ in working width? Do you prefer a machine with 7 feet of transport section, or 15 feet!? Are you in need of friction fed Feeders to Tip/Affix product, or do you need Pack Smart Feeders for uniquely shaped P.I.s requiring tighter registration?

Best Graphics Group_Chameleon Finishing Solutions

Friction Fed Straight Shooter | Chameleon Finishing Solutions

Could you use an extra Crossfold Plate, or would you prefer “Bump Turning” product 90 & 180 degrees? Would you like an inline Score/Perf module at the Pre-Feed, or do you want a heavy Compression Delivery for the extra tough substrates?

Best Graphics Group_Chameleon Finishing Solutions

Convertible Compression Delivery | Chameleon Finishing Solutions

No need to worry! Chameleon can provide you with all! Every system is unique! No two machines are assembled the same! Call it “Carte Blanche,” ’cause it’s supper time baby, and everything on the menu is available!   So, let’s recap. Does the idea of a Chameleon make sense? Of Course! Benefits we see as advantageous for our clients: 1)      Small Footprint – Space constraints are an issue for every shop 2)      Wider Scope of Machine Capabilities – Pocket Folders, Mailers, Bump Turns, Tipping/Affixing Cards, etc. 3)      Faster Speeds – Clients have run product in excess of 90k an hour (!) . . . 4)      Shorter Makereadies – The “Bridge & Beam” design allows for quick access to the Plows placed in infinitely adjustable positions 5)      Less Machine Downtime – Due to Chameleon’s Continuous Top Load Feeder (vs. a “Legacy” Gluer’s Pile Feeder)   So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and schedule your demo today? Can’t break away to see the machines in action? No problem! Send us samples, we’ll run them for you, and ship ’em back!   In the meantime, take a moment to review our Model 800MXX in greater detail via our www.BestGraphics.netweb listing:

   Chameleon 31.5″ Model 800MXX Folder/Gluer

Within the listing you’ll see video of the machine running. Interested in seeing more videos? We have a whole slew of them! Give us a call, we’ll be happy to send you more: (800) 236-7603. Ask for me, A.J. Brahm!   Enjoy the Super Bowl weekend, guys! And if you’re from the Midwest, like us, or the Upper Northeast, like our Chameleon partners, be sure to bundle up & stay warm!


– A.J. Brahm, Self-Appointed Chief Social Media Officer

Best Graphics Visits European Vendor Partners


Europe: ITA, SWTZ, GER | December 2013


Greetings from somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean – 20,000 feet up in the sky! Best Graphics is wrapping up a 10-day Europe excursion where we visit the facilities of our vendor partners – old and new! The trip spanned five cities and took us across Italy, Switzerland and Germany.


Zechini – Milan, Italy


Tucked in a small commercial park outside Milan, Italy lies Zechini’s nearly 30,000 square feet, multiple story headquarters. Zechini, your single source for short- and medium-run Book production, has celebrated over 60 years of success with over 1,500 machine installments worldwide.


In September, Zechini forged a new partnership with our organization, thereby awarding Best Graphics exclusive distribution of their product range throughout the United States and Canada.


L to R: Dan Brahm, Roberto Zechini, A.J. Brahm, Fulvio Zechini

L to R: Dan Brahm, Roberto Zechini, A.J. Brahm, Fulvio Zechini


Myself, and Dan Brahm,  President of Best Graphics, spent two days with our Italian partners – taking time to tour their production facility, and learn more about their front office strategy.


Best Graphics Group | Zechini's Milan, Italy Front Office


Here’s a photo of Zechini’s shop, with nearly 20,000 square feet dedicated to engineering and assembly of Casemaking, Children’s Book equipment, and most recently, Luxury Box equipment. More to follow on this front!


Best Graphics Group | Zechini's Milan, Italy Plant Facilities

Zechini’s Milan, Italy Plant Facilities


One thing can be said with certainty, Zechini is introducing exciting new products into the marketplace, and Best Graphics is eager to report.


Namely, the release of both the Red Arrow, and Silver Arrow, for medium- and high-speed Children’s Book production is rolling out smoothly. The technical engineering is mechanically sound, and the marketing strategy to distribute the line is well under way.


Best Graphics Group | Zechini Red Arrow for Children's Book Production

Zechini Red Arrow for Children’s Book Production


Is your organization currently producing Children’s Books? Are you subbing out the work to China, but upset with the quality produced? Look no further. Bring that work back to the States! Let a Best Graphics Sales Representative show you how!


Best Graphics Group | Zechini's Silver Arrow for Children's Book Production

Zechini’s Silver Arrow for Children’s Books



In addition to the Red, and Silver, Arrow, Zechini has released the Magneton, a high-speed inline, or offline, magnet inserter for production of Hard Cover Cases, luxury Rigid Boxes, and layflat, collapsible Gift boxes.


Best Graphics Group | Zechini Magneton Automatic Magnet Inserter

Zechini Magneton Automatic Magnet Inserter


Whether looking to source a 3-panel, 5-panel, or a 6-panel product, Zechini is your one stop shop to complete your client’s latest Casemaking request. The limits are endless, and with the high growth of the Packaging sector, you owe it to yourself to contact a Best Graphics representative today to discuss Zechini equipment opportunities.



Best Graphics Group | Zechini Casemaking Equipment for Board Books & Luxury Boxes

Zechini Casemaking Equipment for Board Books & Luxury Boxes


Go ahead, give us a call: (800) 236-7603, or request more information electronically here.


Venice, Italy & Zurich, Switzerland


Best Graphics Group | Zurich, Switzerland

Best Graphics Group | Zurich, Switzerland


Between our time in Germany to visit our Palamides and Busch vendor partners, Best Graphics visited the quaint towns of Venice, Italy and Zurich, Switzerland.


Best Graphics Group | Venice, Italy

Best Graphics Group | Venice, Italy


The views were spectacular! It goes without saying, but we at Best Graphics Group are truly blessed. Our vendor relationships take us to all corners of the globe.


Best Graphics Group | Venice, Italy

Best Graphics Group | Venice, Italy


Ever traveled to Europe, or elsewhere? Share your story, or a few photos, with us.


Palamides – Stuttgart, Germany


Twenty-five minutes West of Stuttgart rests Palamides 35,000 sq. foot corporate headquarters. Employing nearly 70 individuals, with technical expertise ranging from Sales to Engineering to Production, Palamides has enjoyed a nearly 15-year history.


Palamides Automatic Deliveries | Stuttgart, Germany

Palamides Automatic Deliveries | Stuttgart, Germany


As a nationwide distributor of Palamides products, Best Graphics was eager to visit our partner’s facilities, and learn more about the two latest lines that were introduced at PRINT ’13 in Chicago.


Palamides Smartliner 240 | Stuttgart, Germany

Palamides Smartliner 240 | Stuttgart, Germany


Known for their Automatic Deliveries, Palamides has released two complimentary products – the Sima 220 Automatic Letter Tray System and the SmartLiner 240 Single-clamp Hot Glue Perfect Binder.



After nearly two years of R&D, the Smartliner 240 is ready for multiple shift production. The machine incorporates patented Ribler glue technology, inevitably providing low energy consumtion “Smartflat” books. Palamides “Green Thumb” Perfect Binder eliminates the need for an exhaust system and emits no toxic fumes.


In fact, the Smartliner 240 was recently awarded the Baden-Wuerttemberg 2013 Environmental Technology Prize. How’s that for environmentally conscientious manufacturing?


In just two months since its release, Palamides has installed four Smartliner 240s across Europe.


The Sima 220 Automatic Letter Tray System is Palamides second recent innovative creation. These units work in conjunction with Mail Inserting machinery in large volume, high speed environments. The Sima 220 automates the presorting and letter tray preparation processes.


Checking for open flaps, non-readable addresses, and duplicates, the Sima will automatically reject bad product prior to collecting, pressing, and filling letter trays via the use of patented technology, all in accordance with USPS regulations.


Sima 220 | Palamides

Sima 220 | Palamides


Have a piece of mail that’s out of sequence? Not a problem. The Sima 220’s Sequence Repair System (SRS) will reject the marked item and inform the operator what to do with the isolated item.


Where are the added benefits of owning a Sima 220 you may ask? The answer is threefold: 1) Lower postal costs with automatically presorted and labeled letter trays; 2) Inline feeding of the Sima 220 from the delivery of your Inserter reduces the number of operators required on your production line, while also increasing the net throughput of your machines; and 3) PDF reporting tools can be sent directly to clients showcasing 100% delivery of their mail.


In the two months since its release, Palamides has installed 30 Sima 220s across Europe and the States.


Interested in learning more about the Sima 220? Don’t hesitate to ask. Call us today: (800) 236-7603. Or, email us at Sales@BestGraphics.net.


Busch – Hamburg, Germany


Our fifth, and final destination on the trip brought us to Busch Machinery, located just 4 subway stops outside Hamburg’s metro-downtown.


Best Graphics Group | Hamburg, Germany

Best Graphics Group | Hamburg, Germany


Family owned, and operated, by 2nd generation Busch brothers, our newest vendor employs a staff of over 70 people.


Here’s us with Burkhardt and Ekkehardt Busch, sons of Busch Machinery’s founder, their father, Gerhard Busch.


Busch Machinery | Hamburg, Germany

L to R: Ekkehardt, Dan Brahm, Gerhard, A.J. Brahm, Burkhardt


Founded in 1949, Busch has been manufacturing a wide range of products to support many of the peripheral, material handling functions of a Printer’s operations – Pile Turning, Paper Jogging, Paper Cutting, Paper Unloading, Paper Waste Extraction Systems, and Paper Banding. Additionally, they manufacture Ram Punch Die Cutting equipment, more commonly referred to as “High Die” equipment here in the States.


Busch Pile Turners | Hamburg, Germany

Busch Pile Turners | Hamburg, Germany


Busch Ram Punch Die Cutters | Hamburg, Germany

Busch Ram Punch Die Cutters | Hamburg, Germany



With the precision and quality craftsmanship synonymous with Germany manufacturing, Busch controls all aspects of production – right down to Metal Casting, Machine Welding and Paint Finishing.


Frame Welding | Hamburg, Germany

Frame Welding | Hamburg, Germany


Paint Finishing | Hamburg, Germany

Paint Finishing | Hamburg, Germany


How does Best Graphics fit into the equation? We see a void in the distribution of Pile Turning and High Die equipment here in North America. Often we receive requests for used PMCs, or Pile Turners, only to report back to clients that there’s nothing out on the secondary market. The reason? People who invest in these categories of business are not only satisfied with their purchases, but they’re seeing direct ROI savings. Simply put, they don’t want to get rid of a “good thing!”


Are you looking for depreciation benefits of new capital investment before year’s end? Or, have you begun building 2014’s equipment budget? Speak with a Best Graphics Sales Representative today and let us help YOU save money on your next investment!


Prefer to review on your own time? Learn more about our Busch Pile Turners here.


Until next time. Err, I mean, “Auf Wiedersehen!”


– A.J. Brahm, Self-Appointed Chief Social Media Officer

Best Graphics Exhibits At Graphics Canada


This past week, and for the first time, Best Graphics exhibited at Graphics Canada. The show was held at the International Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The show attracted visitors from near and far – Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, and everywhere in between.


I, alongside Dan Brahm, President of Best Graphics, and Joe Marrinan, founder of Chameleon Folder/Gluers, fielded questions from inquiring customers for three days – October 21st, 22nd and 23rd. Below is a photo of our booth, complete with Banners, Tables, Literature, and a Computer Monitor, which had a looping Power Point slide show that highlighted the various lines of equipment we proudly represent:


Best Graphics Group | Graphics Canada 2013

Best Graphics Group | Graphics Canada 2013


Unlike Graph Expo in the States, Graphics Canada is held every other year. It was also interesting to note that the show coincides with Canada’s Packaging Expo, which took place across town, throughout the week. These two differences are significant contributors to the success of the show. Namely, running the two shows simultaneously makes visitors time “away from their desks” more impactful. Likewise, operating the show every other year adds additional intrigue.


Speaking of intrigue, there were many innovative products on display. A Wide Format exhibitor decorated their entire booth with the Toronto skyline – from floor to walls!


Graphics Canada 2013 | Innovations In Print

Innovations In Print | Graphics Canada 2013


We were pleased with the turn out at Graphics Canada. It was great to see the faces of existing customer we service and support in Canada. We also generated new opportunities. And when we weren’t with clients, we took time to walk the booths and say, “hello” to vendor partners and exhibitors alike. For those who attended, thank you for making the show a success. For those who couldn’t “step away from the office,” don’t hesitate to give us a call: (800) 236-7603 x101.


Graphics Canada 2013 | Celebrating 50 Years

Celebrating 50 Years | Graphics Canada 2013


In a way, Graphics Canada 2013 was ceremonious. The event marked the debut of Best Graphics Group as an exhibitor, and the 50th year of the show’s existence.


. . . Undoubtedly, we’re already looking forward to the next!


Until then,


A.J. Brahm, Self-Appointed Chief Social Media Officer


Best Graphics Visits Japanese Vendor Partners

The Japan Graphics Arts Show, more well known as “JGAS,” takes place in Tokyo each October. As the exclusive North American importer of three Japanese product lines, Best Graphics makes an effort to visit our Japanese partners every few years.

Fushimi Inari Shrine | Kyoto, JP.

Fushimi Inari Shrine | Kyoto, JP.

Spanning four cities in six days, Dan Brahm, President of Best Graphics, and I were fortunate enough to visit the production facilities of our partners, and attend JGAS.


Itoh, our line of Guillotine Cutters are located on the outskirts of Nagoya. Most famously known for its Toyota production plant, Nagoya is Japan’s 3rd largest city. Itoh’s headquarter’s include a beautiful 5-story office, in addition to a bustling factory. Global demand for Itoh Cutters warrants production capabilities exceeding 25 Cutters a month. Its no wonder Itoh is the country’s leading Cutter in the market place.

Itoh's Recently Built 5 Floor Corporate Office

Itoh’s Recently Built 5 Floor Corporate Office

With almost 20,000 placements worldwide, this Double-Arm Pull Cutter, is the oldest known manufacturer of Guillotines in the world! In 1919 Itoh designed, and distributed, its first Double-Arm Cutter. One of the original models is on display in Itoh’s lobby, and shown below:

1919 Itoh Model HD-20 Cutter

1919 Itoh Model HD-20 Cutter

Similarly, each successive model thereafter has been photographed and framed, neatly hanging on display for all to see. As a 5th generation, family owned company, Itoh’s story is just as remarkable as their impeccably designed machines.

Size formats range from 39″ to 98″ and are manufactured, assembled and painted all on site:

Itoh Guillotine Cutter Frames

Itoh Guillotine Cutter Single Piece Frames

Itoh's Industry Leading Gear Boxes

Itoh’s Industry Leading Gear Boxes

Electrical Assembly & 50-Point Final Inspection

Electrical Assembly & 50-Point Final Inspection

After leaving Nagoya, Best Graphics headed northward to Saitama Prefecture, a small provence outside of Tokyo, and home to our Osako Saddle Stitchers and Kudo Joggers. We enjoyed a lovely traditional Japanese meal at Minato, a small family owned restaurant that intimately seats a maximum of 16 to 18 customers.

Sushi and Miso Soup at Minato

Sushi and Miso Soup at Minato

The following morning took us to JGAS, where we were to view our vendor partner’s booths, meet some of their prospective clients, and demonstrate newly unveiled equipment.

JGAS 2013 | Tokyo, JP.

JGAS 2013 | Tokyo, JP.

Osako released their small footprint, economical 3-Knife Trimmer. For more information regarding our line of Osako Saddle Stitchers, visit our weblistings, here. Or, take a moment to review Osako’s website, here!

Pictured next to the new Trimmer are (L to R) Bazza san, Myself, Dan, Takaai san, and Teruaki san.

Osako & Co., Ltd & Best Graphics Group

Osako & Co., Ltd & Best Graphics Group

We wish all of our partners – Itoh, Osako, and Kudo – great success, and hope the momentum of a fantastic JGAS converts into new machine placements by years end!

Until next time,

A.J. Brahm, Self-appointed Chief Social Media Officer

Best Graphics Visits Chameleon’s Demo-Training Center

With 6 different Chameleon configurations at our partner’s Demo-Training Center, there’s never a dull moment. Best Graphics Group had the pleasure of visiting Chameleon’s facilities on our latest trip out East.


Chameleon Finishing Solutions_Bergen New York


Chameleon Finishing Solutions provide the best of both worlds. The line was born in the Packaging world, but has brought fresh ideas to the world of Direct Mail production. Modular in design, the line is ideal for Commercial Printers who are looking to capture traditional Pocket Folder work, CD Sleeves, Direct Mail applications, Tipping/Affixing work, Promotional Products and even “Short Run” Folded Carton jobs.


Our line of Chameleon Finishing Solutions are filling a market void. Supported in working widths of 25, 31 and 36 Inches, their small footprint generates throughput speeds of folded carton and mailing applications which are double that of our “Legacy” competitors. These are top load, bottom fed machines, with quick release, top drive belts for positive control and reduced makeready.


Chameleon Finishing Solutions_Bergen NY


In the market for something new? Be sure to check out our Chameleon 800MX+ listing, here, or our 25″ Vacuum Transport/Plow-FoldingTable, here! Otherwise, be on the lookout for Chameleon’s soon to be released 31″ 800MXX, a 3-Meter Transport Unit. Big budget, or small. We support it all!


Chameleon Finishing Solutions_Bergen NY


So, what are you waiting for? Give one of our Sales Representatives a call today — (800) 236-7603 — or, email me direct at ajb@bestgraphics.net!


– A.J. Brahm, Self-Appointed Chief Social Media Officer

Best Graphics Presents at BIA Conference in Indianapolis –

With over 500 registrants, the annual Bindery Industry Association (BIA) Conference, held in Indianapolis, IN this year, saw its largest turn out in over a decade. Best Graphics, a sponsor of the event, attended the 3-day event and brought along Joe Marrinan, founder of Chameleon Finishing Solutions.


BIA Conference_Best Graphics_Indianapolis IN


Here was our booth, “prime real estate,” on the corner of “Hwy 1 & Main Street!”


2013 BIA Conference_Best Graphics_Indianapolis IN


On the second day, we were asked to participate in the “Vendor Rapid Fire Session,” which allowed us the unique opportunity of showcasing our organization’s product range. During the five-minute presentation, I was able to highlight the three key assets of our business that separate us from many of North America’s Graphic Arts Equipment Distributors – 1) Sales, 2) Technical Support & 3) Parts Inquiries. Whether purchasing New, or Used, Best Graphics is your one-stop-shop, full-line Graphic Arts Distributor.


If you didn’t get a chance to see the presentation live, click the link below and view for free via Dropbox:



In between the conference’s “Breakout Sessions” we were happy to assist customers – new and old – passing by our booth with equipment needs and production advice.


Our hat goes off to Justin Goldstein, the visionary behind the Binding Industry Association’s annual meeting. As always, he did a fantastic job; the 3-day event operated in seamless fashion. We look forward to sponsoring – and presenting (!) – at next year’s conference in Dallas, TX.


Check in periodically, as we’ll provide more info on the conference’s scheduled dates as they’re given to us.


Have a great weekend!,


A.J. Brahm, Self-Appointed Chief Social Media Officer


Best Graphics Partners with European Distributor –


*Update: As of 2015, Best Graphics has Forged a New Partnership with MEKES Graphics Machines, Out of the Netherlands. Learn More About MEKES via www.Mekes.com, or Call One of Our Best Graphics’ Sales Representatives Today to Learn About the Latest Models from Stock “Across the Pond”!* 

Best Graphics Group has become a North American representative for COCI, S.A.


Headquartered in Paris, France, COCI is the world’s largest secondary equipment distributor in the world. With offices in France, Germany, the UK, Italy and China, COCI has agreed, in principle, to allow Best Graphics Group to represent their portfolio of nearly 3,000 used machines to better our North American clients.


During the middle of March, Best Graphics’ sent me over to France to meet Denis Picquenot, owner of COCI, S.A., and the rest of his staff. While there, I was trained on how to use their extremely robust Intranet equipment database system.


Doing so will allow us to access to machinery located in all four corners of the globe, ultimately providing equipment solutions to new, and pre-existing, Best Graphics customers.


Here’s me, training with Julien, on COCI’s Intranet.


Best Graphics Partners with COCI, S.A.



Here’s  me again, this time with members of COCI’s fully dedicated Sales staff. From Left to Right: Wenjun Dang, Me, Eric Turcq, Suyeen Lopez & Anna Kovalenko



Best Graphics Partners with COCI, S.A.



This is Best Graphics Group’s second visit to COCI’s headquarters in France. Our President, and my father, Dan Brahm, toured Denis’ Paris facilities during the Spring of 2012:


Best Graphics Partners with COCI, S.A.



With a team of nearly 50 mechanics and engineers, COCI provides unparalleled technical support – from machinery removal, transportation, re-installation, and everything in between.


Best Graphics Partners with COCI, S.A.



Are you in the market for a newer model Press, but don’t know what to do with your old unit? Are you seeking good, late model equipment from overseas, but struggle with the liabilities and logistics tied to an international transaction? Let Best | COCI provide you with a turn-key solution where we’ll remove your old Press on trade, and deliver and install the latest model Press your budget can afford!


No hassles, no fuss. Just a name you can trust . . . Best | COCI, your leading North American equipment provider. Email me today for pricing on your next Press purchase: ajb@bestgraphics.net!


Until Next Time!,


A.J. Brahm, “Self-Appointed Chief Social Media Officer”