IBIS Smart-binders at Inkjet Summit ’23


AUTHOR: John Hower

Mark Spelman, Head of IBIS Sales in North America, and Tom Gale, IBIS-Specializing Service Technician, recently exhibited at the Inkjet Summit near Austin, Texas. The event provides insight into how inkjet trends will affect business and investment choices, as well as valuable strategic-level knowledge on how to enhance and streamline operations. For the fourth year in a row, our duo has presented on how IBIS Smart-binders offer the most flexible and cost-effective digital saddle stitching solutions.


Left: Tom Gale, Right: Mark Spelman


Why attend the Inkjet Summit?


  • Attend for Free: Qualified attendees receive complimentary coverage of travel, hotel, meals, and entertainment expenses.
  • Unparalleled Event Experience: The Inkjet Summit offers a top-notch event with excellent dining, entertainment, a premium venue, exceptional programming, and exclusive networking opportunities.
  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge about emerging trends and next-generation technologies driving transformation in the commercial, in-plant, and publishing industries.
  • Real-life Case Studies: Hear firsthand experiences from current users and sponsoring executives, diving into practical use cases and exploring leading solutions and services in smaller, application-specific group discussions.
  • Personalized Meetings: Engage in pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with industry-leading solutions providers, allowing you to gather extensive information and evaluate concepts and companies in a short time.
  • Peer Collaboration: Connect with like-minded professionals to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and learn from each other’s successes in a unique knowledge-sharing environment.
  • Technology and Business Development: Explore groundbreaking solutions in the areas of commercial printing, direct mail, in-plant operations, publishing, and transactional printing. Immerse yourself in a productive yet enjoyable atmosphere to gain insights into new business opportunities and implementation strategies from both solutions providers and industry peers.



IBIS, founded in the United Kingdom in 1999, is a world-leading supplier of high-speed digital book finishing systems. The IBIS Smart Binder ‘Plus HS’ can produce personalized, variable page-count wire-stitched (SB-2) or cold-glued (SB-3). These systems are used around the world to produce personalized booklets for schools, health care, insurance, financial, government, and many other applications. Notable installations include RR Donnelley, O’Neil Digital Solutions, Pearson Educational, Broadridge, and Liturgical Publications.



Achieving up to 7,000 booklets per hour, IBIS Smart Binders individually score and fold 4- or 8-page sigs into a collated set before wire-stitching, or spine-gluing books in 3.8” x 4.7” up to 17.4” x 10.7” size formats.



The Smart Binder may be supplied as a model SB-3, which includes IBIS’ unique ISG cold glue binding system. This system produces a “stitchless” book which has better lay-flat qualities than a wire-stitched booklet, as illustrated in the photo above. The SB-3 lay-flat solution inserts better during the mailing/fulfillment process.



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