ITEM #4509-K

2014, Muller Martini


Alegro A7

Handfed Perfect Binder with EVA, PUR, Gauzing, End Sheet Tipping & Inline Trimmer

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  • Max. Cycle Speed

    7,000 Cycles/Hour

  • Glue Capabilities

    Hotmelt (EVA), PUR

  • Gauzing


  • End Sheet Tipping


  • Three Knife Trimmer

    Automated Solit Trimmer

  • Inline with Alegro Binder


2014 Muller Martini Alegro A7 EVA/PUR Perfect Binder with Gauzing, End Sheet Tipping and Inline, Automated Muller Martini Solit Three Knife Trimmer–

The Algegro A7 Perfect Binder, includes:

  • (x2) Handfeed stations
  • Motion Control technology
  • 19 parallel closing clamps
  • Motorized format adjustment of book thickness and book hangout
  • Commander control with touchscreen operation
  • Control of glue film thickness, glue film length for spine and side glue station,
  • Inclined infeed with speed adjustable infeed belt
  • Milling station, fold pressing discs, eccentric adjustment
  • 2 separate Combi-spine preparation stations
  • 1 Base to spine glue station
  • 1 Base to side glue station
  • MC Cover pressing station with servo-control for high quality spine Adjustment of cover register and pressing force on the run
  • Conveyance


The Model A461 End-sheet Tipper with hotmelt nozzle application and hotmelt block melter, includes

  • Touch screen operation
  • 2 Flatpile feeders with miss/double feed control and magazine stops
  • automatic channel opening
  • individual, automatic setting of the endsheet height rear and front
  • speed independent glue film length control
  • Stepless adjustable glue film height via handwheel with digital read-out
  • Pressing unit with vacuum supported suction and pressing belt
  • Vacuum pump, dry running


The Model 3673 Solit Three Knife Trimmer, consisting of:

  • Single drive technology for infeed, pressing, cutting station and delivery
  • Motorized format adjustments
  • Fine-tune adjustments during production
  • Servo-controlled pressing force, adjustable during the run
  • Cut only with product present
  • Safety guarding
  • Integrated control panel with B+R control
  • Silicone spray device
  • Touch screen interface with USB-memory connection
  • Knife set-up gauge


Additional details:

  • Hotmelt spine glue station
  • PUR Spine glue station, mobile with level control
  • Separate pre-heating station for PUR and HM with integrated fume exhaust
  • Hotmelt side glue station, mobile with automatic level control
  • Universal drum cover feeder
  • Automatic cover Image Recognition ASIR 3
  • Laydown device


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