ITEM #1776

1994, Kolbus


KM 470

17 Clamp, 20 Station Perfect Binding Line with EVA Glue

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  • Status

    Under Power, Northeast USA

  • Dimensions

    Approx. 15' x 105'

  • Availability

    Q4 2022

  • Terms

    As Is, Where Is | Buyer Responsible for Tear Down

1994 Kolbus KM 470 17 Clamp 20 Station EVA Perfect Binding Line –

  • Owned by Best Graphics Due to a Recent Wohlenberg City e Automated Perfect Binder Sale! 
  • Kolbus 20 Station Inline Gatherer with Handfeed Station
  • Kolbus 17 Clamp, Perfect Binder with Cover Feeder and EVA/Hotmelt Glue Capabilities
  • Kolbus Inline Three Knife Trimmer
  • Misc. Inline Conveyance Connecting Gatherer, Binder and Trimmer
  • Misc. Spare Parts
  • Note: Used Rima Stacker Being Re-Purposed by the Print Shop [Not for Sale]



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  • Footprint

    15' x 105'