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2019, Heiber + Schroeder


CE 1000-2

Dual Lane Tray Forming Machine

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  • Speed

    Up to 48,000 Trays/Hr.

  • Format Range

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  • Lanes


  • Degree of Taper

    5-40 degrees

  • Carton Thickness

    200-600 gsm

  • Corrugated Thickness

    Up to 1.5mm

2019 Heiber + Schroeder CE 1000-2 Tray Forming Machine —

Whether you’re producing carton board bakery trays, conical trays, or sealed trays, the CE 1000 offers unparalleled productivity and user-friendliness for all your tray production and carton nesting needs. This versatile machine allows you to cater to a diverse clientele, particularly those requiring specialized containers for fast food and takeout. Manufactured in Germany, Heiber + Schröder machinery sets the industry standard for exceptional quality. With the CE 1000, you can operate at peak performance while maintaining a secure and reliable production process


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Status // Under Power

Availability // Approx. September 2024

Terms // Skidded & Loaded

For Additional // Shipping & Installation


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