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2011, IBIS



2011 IBIS Smart Binder SB-3 Saddle Stitcher/Glue Binder

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Ibis Integrated Bindery Systems can be used in-line with a digital printer, or from a pre-printed roll and web cutter or offline from a high-pile sheet feeder.

2011 Ibis Smart-Binder SB-3 –

    • Produce high quality stitched (or cold glued) and 3-sided trimmed books at up to 7,000 booklets per hour
    • The SB-3 provides wire stitching of booklets of variable pages and variable data, or spine glued booklets coming off your digital print “engine”
    • Includes (2) stitch heads, (1) cover feeder, (1) patented spine gluing system, (1) barcode read system, (1) 3-knife trimmer, (1) book auto-reject bin, (1) delivery conveyor.
    • Also Available: SB-095 Pile Feeder for offline use
    • Terms: Cleaned, Checked, Updated, Installed with Warranty!


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