New!, Highcon


Beam 2C

30″ x 42″ Laser Die Cutter for Corrugated with Optional Nonstop Technology

  • Max Format

    30" x 42"

  • Min Format

    19.7" x 27.5"

  • Substrate Range

    N, F, G, E, B, C, Double Wall EE | 1-4mm (0.03" - 0.15")

  • Speed

    Up to 4,000 (B1 Size) 27 x 39" sph

  • 2 Configurations

    Pallet Base or Nonstop

  • Includes

    CAD Light Editor

  • Options

    Variable Data Cutting, Advanced Registration, Highcon Integrated Digital Stipping (HIDS), Extractor & Nonstop Feeder, Stacker, Wast Removal

New! Highcon Beam 2C Corrugated Laser Die Cutter –

The revolutionary, high speed Laser Die Cutting solution for corrugated packaging, point of sale (P.O.S.), display signage components, and box inserts.


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