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Aqua Prima 106

42″ x 56″ Aqueous & Thermal Film Laminator with Stacker and Optional Hot Knife

  • Max. Mechanical Speed

    90 m/min | 295 feet/min.

  • Max. Sheet Size

    1060 x 1420 mm | 41.73” x 55.91"

  • Min. Sheet Size

    210 x 250 mm | 8.27" x 9.84"

  • Paper Weight

    100 – 600 g/m2

  • Laminating Options

    Water Based Adhesive or Thermal Film

  • Machine Weight

    ~3,200 lbs.

  • Machine Dimensions

    12.1' L x 5.2' W x 5.7' H

Ecosystem Aqua Prima 106 Aqueous & Thermal Film Laminator —

  • CE compliant/rated machinery proudly manufactured in Italy
  • Touch screen lamination control system
  • Automatic Feeder with Suction Table
  • Heated Chromed main Laminator roll


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Ecosystem, founded in 1996 and based in Rovereto, Italy, holds a strategic position equidistant from Milan and Venice. As a leading supplier in the single-sided film lamination equipment sector, Ecosystem initially emerged as a pre-supplier for brands like Bilhofer and Steinemann. Their European facility is a hub for producing, assembling, and thoroughly testing their equipment. With a global presence marked by nearly 200 installations, including over 50 in North America, Ecosystem specializes in advanced, high-quality thermal (dry) and aqua (water-based) film laminators. They also provide economic models for digital printing, suitable for sleeking applications. Ecosystem’s latest innovation is the JetCoater series, a premier line of digital UV coaters, reflecting their commitment to advancing printing and packaging technology.


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