ITEM #3056-D

2015, Osako


Estar Alpha

6-Pocket with Cover Feeder, Cameras, 4th & 5th Knife, Stacker

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Best Osako Estar Alpha Automatic High Speed Saddle Stitcher –

    • “Auto Set” 15 Second Stitch Head, Clincher & Chain Positioning System
    • Computer Guided Make Ready for Oblique & Missed Stitch Monitors, Stitch Heads & Trimmer
    • Signature Scanner & Missed Stitch Monitors For Signature, Cover & Stitch Recognition
    • Syncro System For Start Up & Shut Down to Reduce Signature Waste
    • Chain & Rail To Support (6) Signature Feeders and (1) Cover Feeder
    • Individual Pumps Provide Superior, and More Controlled, Air Pressure to Each Feeder
    • (6) ORF-826B Signature Feeders with Pneumatic Timing, Individual Pumps, Tilt Design & “On the Fly” Vacuum Control
    • (1) ORC-310A Cover Feeder with Register Crimp Fold System & Tilt Design
    • (1) ORS-606D Stitcher with (3) Stitch Heads & Continuous Oil Bath
    • (1) OT-2012 Face First Trimmer with Continuous Oil Bath
    • (1) Delivery Conveyor with Batch Kicker
    • ’05 Rima “RS-1112” Counter Stacker
    • 4th and 5th Knife Attachment
    • Lake Image Digital Cameras
    • Delivered, Installed and Trained


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