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2013, DigiBook



Fully Automatic Casing In Machine

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  • Production Speed

    Up to 7 Books/Min - Depending on Size

  • Book Block Min. (width x height x thickness)

    145mm x 125mm x 2mm

  • Book Block Max. (width x height x thickness)

    350mm x 410mm x 40mm

  • Open Case Min.

    320mm x 130mm x 1.2mm-6mm

  • Open Case Max.

    750mm x 420mm x 5mm-45mm

  • Finished Book Min.

    150mm x 130mm x 6mm

  • Finished Book Max.

    variable x 420mm x 45mm

  • Electrical

    7kW , 400 V, 3 Phase, 50Hz

  • Air


2013 DigiBook MitaBook Fully Automatic Casing In Machine —

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The mitabook is a fully automatic casing-in machine designed especially for the production of high-quality hardcover books in single to short-runs. Thanks to its high degree of automation with simple format setup times, ease of operation, and comparatively low complexity and space requirements, it has achieved a unique position in the hardcover book-on-demand sector in the lower speed range.


Purchase Details

Location // Midwest, U.S.

Status // Dismantled

Availability // Immediate

Terms // Skidded & Loaded

For Additional // Shipping & Installation


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