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Lake Image DISCOVERY MSExpress Inspection System —

Compact, modular variable print data inspection system tailored for the OEM, reseller, and distributor market. It offers an affordable way to access Lake Image’s print verification and camera inspection expertise, streamlining variable print inspection processes. It features:

  • Intelligent Inspection: Capable of simple code presence checks, variable print data verification using OCR, and sophisticated code reading technology.
  • Equipment Control Functionality: Can control printing presses and finishing equipment with operator alerts, diverts, and stop features.
  • Comprehensive Package: Includes a GR2 industrial area scan inspection camera, a mini-industrial PC with inspection software tools (including OCR and barcode verification), LED lights, a camera trigger sensor, and necessary cables. Optional tools for sequence verification and different configurations for various substrates are available.
  • Flexible and Modular Design: Easy for customers to self-install and integrate into a wide range of equipment, making it ideal for distributors, resellers, and OEMs to provide a cost-effective print verification solution.


Suitable for diverse sectors like mail production, label converting, packaging, and security printing, DISCOVERY MSExpress is designed to be a versatile and affordable solution for enhancing print verification capabilities


Typical Applications —

  • Mailing Industry: accurate verification of addresses, barcodes, and other variable data on letters, envelopes and postcards
  • Label Converting: inspect variable information on labels, including product labels, barcode labels, and packaging labels
  • Packaging Print Lines: Checks and verifies variable information, such as product codes, lot numbers, and expiration dates
  • Commercial Printing: Validates variable data printing for applications like direct mail, promotional materials, and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Financial and Transactional Printing: verify and validate variable data on financial documents, transactional statements, and invoices
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging: Ensures accuracy of variable data printed necessary to comply with regulatory requirements


Benefits —

  • Enhanced Print Quality: DISCOVERY MSExpress ensures accurate and reliable verification of variable print data, leading to high-quality output and reduced errors.
  • Increased Efficiency: By automating print data verification processes, DISCOVERY MSExpress streamlines workflows and eliminates the need for manual inspection, resulting in improved productivity.
  • Cost Savings: DISCOVERY MSExpress helps reduce waste, scrap, and costly returns by identifying and preventing errors in variable print data, leading to significant cost savings for businesses.


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