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Maxi Athos

Semi-Automatic Taping Machines for Corrugate

  • Max. Width

  • — Maxi Athos 160

    1600 mm | 62.99"

  • — Maxi Athos 220

    2200 mm | 86.61"

  • Min. Sheet Size

    100 x 100 mm | 3.94" x 3.94"

  • Product Thickness

    200 gsm – 9 mm

  • Max. Speed

    120 m/min. | 394 ft./min.

  • Tape Width*

    9 – 25 mm

  • *optional: 25 – 50mm & 50 – 100 mm

  • Number of Applications

    Up to 5

APR Solution Maxi Athos Semi-Automatic Taping Machine —

The Maxi Athos is an advanced tape application machine, expertly engineered to handle a diverse array of adhesive tapes, including mono-adhesive, double-sided, tear tape, and magnetic tape. Featuring a manual feeder, this machine allows operators to accurately position blanks. It efficiently processes a variety of die-cut, creased, and slotted materials, ranging from 200 grams to 15 mm in thickness.


At the heart of the Maxi Athos is the proprietary PLC + Touch screen 7-inch interface, powered by custom software. This setup ensures precise control over tape application. The machine’s state-of-the-art linear make-ready system facilitates high-precision applicator placement, enabling rapid changeovers. This efficiency significantly enhances production capacity by minimizing time wastage.


Components include:

– A Manual Feeder with side guide alignment for accurate feeding.
– The main unit dedicated to precise tape application.
– BRUCO Transport devices equipped with special silicon wheels, ensuring scratch-free handling of your product.
– A Delivery table integrated with a pneumatic shafts system to prevent product jams.
– The standard configuration includes 2 Rap applicators (one on the left and one on the right).


For added versatility, the machine can be customized to include up to 6 “Rap” applicators (2 RAPs in pairs on the same line), offering a range of solutions:

– “RAP” for mono-adhesive and double-sided tape application.
– “Rap Strip” specifically designed for tear tape application.
– “RAP MAG” for magnetic tape application.


Catch tray delivery can also be upgraded to either an automatic downstacking delivery or a batch-counting belted delivery.


This adaptability ensures the Maxi Athos can meet a wide range of your tape application needs with precision and efficiency.


Tape Types: Tissue Tape, PVC Tape, Banner Tape, Acrylic Tape, Transfer Tape, Foam Tape (Up to 3mm), VHB Tape for Automotive Industry, Tear Tape


Can Apply Tape to: Paper, Corrugated Cardboard (E, B, C, A, BC Flute), Carton Stock, Acrylic, PVC, Plastic, Wood, Aluminum Sheets


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