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32″ Semi-Automatic Taping Machine

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$39,500 USD
  • Max. Size Format

    800 x 1000 mm | 31.50" x 39.37"

  • Min. Size Format

    100 x 100 mm | 3.94" x 3.94"

  • Product Thickness

    80 – 800 gsm

  • Max. Speed

    70 m/min. | 230 ft./min.

  • Tape Widths*

    9 – 25 mm

  • *optional: 25 – 50mm & 50 – 100 mm

  • Number of Applications

    Up to 5

APR Solutions Athos Semi-Automatic Taping Machine —

The Athos is a hand-fed taping machine designed to apply double sided tape, acrylic tape, foam, pvc e tear tape on any type of paper, cardboard, profiles, wood and aluminum.

  • Lateral stops for a better sheet margin
  • Limit device located before the unit application of the double-sided adhesive tape
  • No. 2 “Bruco”, main paper transport devices with transmission system, complete of small wheels
  • The applicators are adjustable in heights and on the sides, through the new positioning system
  • The machine has two RAP applicators, one for the right and one for the left version
  • The setting and the programming of the PLC are user friendly and don’t require a professional operator
  • Collecting tray with chute for easy sheet alignment


Tape Types: Banner, PVC, TNT, Acrylic, Transfer, Foam until 3mm, VHB tape for automotive, Tear-off tape


Can Apply Tape to: Paper, Corrugated Cardboard (E, B, C, A, BC Flute), Carton Stock, Acrylic, PVC, Plastic, Wood, Aluminum Sheets



  • 2 extra RAP applications
  • RAP strip
  • Tear Tape applicator


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