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B / B+P

High Die Cutter for Medium Formats

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  • Max. Size Format

    230 x 230 mm | 8.66" x " 10.24"

  • Min. Size Format

    10 x 10 mm | 0.59" x 0.59"

  • Max. Stack Height

    170 mm | 7.48"

  • Punching Pressure

    12,500 lbs

  • Punching Strokes

  • Max. Machine Output

    720,000 sph

  • — B

    11 per minute

  • — B+P

    13 per minute

  • Max. Machine Output

  • — B

    660,000 sph

  • — B+P

    780,000 sph

Busch B / B+P High Die Cutter —

The B / B+P High Die Cutters are engineered to deliver exceptional performance with a cutting size of up to 230 x 230 mm and significantly enhanced punching power. These machines are designed to effortlessly process all types of materials, with a special emphasis on plastics, making them ideal for small to medium production runs.


Featuring a compact and robust design, the series showcases the substantial increase in punching power. Despite their uniform construction and functionality, the models differ in the activation method of the cutting stroke. Equipped with five adjustable clamping arms, along with waste slitters and holders, these components can be precisely adjusted to slit waste efficiently, tailored to the material, size, and contour of each product. The initiation of the cutting stroke varies by model once the material is manually placed:

  • Model B — through manual closure of the protective door, which is ensured by auto-controlled limit switches. The door reopens automatically as the punching ram retracts.
  • Model B+P — with pneumatic door closure initiated by pressing a button on the control panel, with safety ensured by auto-controlled limit switches. The door automatically reopens upon the ram’s retraction.


The introduction of a pneumatic mobile counter-pressure unit for models B or B+P enhances versatility, easily replacing the delivery tray with a simple changeover time of approximately 20 minutes. A trolley aids in the swift removal and storage of the delivery tray, allowing for a quick return to non-counter-pressure operations.


This series is specially designed for counter-pressure cutting, incorporating a movable matrix within the die for plastic or aluminium, ensuring material stability during the hydraulic cut. As the ram completes its stroke, the finished product is automatically moved back into the feeding tray by a pneumatic counter-pressure cylinder for removal, albeit at a reduced throughput by approximately half.


The counter-pressure device is recommended for intricate tasks, such as die-cutting embossed paper and plastics (PP or PE foil) for in-mould labels, cutting tempered and varnished aluminium foil, processing large-sized labels from challenging materials, and applications requiring stringent tolerances. This enhancement is crucial for maintaining precision and minimizing material distortion during the cutting process.


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Located in Hamburg, Germany, Busch has specialized in the production of Pile Turners, Banders, Waste Conveyors, and High Die Cutters for over four decades. Globally, over 15,000 Busch machines have been installed, with Best Graphics successfully selling more than 250 of these innovative machines.


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