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9″ x 9″ High Die Cutter

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  • Max. Punch Size

    9" x 9"

  • Min. Punch Size

    0.4" x 0.4"

  • Max. Feed Height


  • Punching Pressure

    12,500 lbs

  • Punching Strokes

    13 p/min

  • Max. Machine Output

    720,000 sph

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Busch Model “B+P” 9″ x 9″  High Die Cutter – 

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Series “B” offers a larger punching size, and considerably higher punching power, from the Busch 7×7 inch “A” Series.

The “B+P” model is a semi-automatic unit. Activation of the die cutting process occurs by the operator pressing a push-button on the control panel. In doing so, pneumatic closure of the door begins, ultimately activating the cut stroke. The pneumatic door re-opens automatically when the Busch punching ram returns to its dormant position.

Optional Convertible Counter Pressure Device Available for Punching Plastics (PE or PP) is recommended for the following:

Busch GD1 Counter Pressure

  • Where Tight Tolerances are required
  • When Die Cutting Plastic Material (PP or PE Foil) for Inmould Labels and similar substrates to counteract Stretching or Movement of Material
  • Die Cutting Large Size Labels of Difficult Product
  • For 4-Sided Punching of Folded Sheets
  • Die Cutting Tempered and Varnished Aluminum Foil
  • Units are easy to handle and Available for all Busch Models.
  • View the Busch Counter Pressure Brochure HERE


Seeking a larger size? Upgrade to a model “BLS” for sizes up to 9″ x 12.6″. Or, review one of our Busch “CL” models, which supports 13 x 15″ product.

Contact us for more information on the Busch B+P High Die Cutter, by clicking the blue button to the right. Or, find out more information in the PDF on the Resources tab.