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A Series

High Die Cutter for Small Formats

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  • Max. Size Format

    180 x 180 mm | 7.09" x " 7.09

  • Min. Size Format

    17 x 17 mm | 0.67" x 0.67"

  • Max. Stack Height

    200 mm | 7.87"

  • Punching Pressure

    5,500 lbs

  • Punching Strokes

  • — Model A

    11 per minute

  • — Model A+P

    13 per minute

  • — Model AL

    15 per minute

  • Max. Machine Output

  • — Model A

    660,000 sph

  • — Model A+P

    780,000 sph

  • — Model AL

    900,000 sph

Busch A Series High Die Cutter —

A Series High Die Cutters are engineered for efficiency and precision in small to medium runs, particularly suited for label production. These models accommodate cutting sizes up to 180 x 180 mm, designed to meet the demands of diverse applications with ease.


All three models in the Series A lineup share the same robust construction and functionality, with the distinction lying in the activation mechanism of the cutting stroke. Each machine is equipped with five adjustable clamping arms, along with waste slitters and holders that can be precisely positioned for effective waste management. The cutting stroke is initiated differently across the models upon material insertion, as detailed below:

  • Model A — through manual closure of the protective door, which is ensured by auto-controlled limit switches. The door reopens automatically as the punching ram retracts.
  • Model A+P — with pneumatic door closure initiated by pressing a button on the control panel, with safety ensured by auto-controlled limit switches. The door automatically reopens upon the ram’s retraction.
  • Model AL — with electronic light barrier activation, eliminating the need for a protective door. The cutting stroke begins automatically once the material is in place and the operator’s hand is removed, offering increased throughput due to faster feeding sequences. The machine halts if the light barrier is breached during operation or the ram’s backward motion, enhancing safety and efficiency.


The A Series machines are compatible with the pneumatic counter-pressure unit GD-A, which can be quickly installed in about 10 minutes, replacing the delivery tray while retaining the protective hood. This addition is crucial for specialized applications, such as counter-pressure cutting with a die containing a movable matrix, ensuring materials are held firmly in place during cutting. This unit connects to a compressed air supply and is instrumental in stabilizing materials like embossed paper, plastics (PP or PE foil), and tempered or varnished aluminium foil, ensuring minimal material movement and precise cuts especially in tight tolerance requirements.


The introduction of a counter-pressure unit is highly recommended for applications demanding high precision and minimal material distortion, such as small-sized inmould labels, neck labels, or when working with delicate materials, effectively halving the machine’s throughput for uncompromised quality.


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Located in Hamburg, Germany, Busch has specialized in the production of Pile Turners, Banders, Waste Conveyors, and High Die Cutters for over four decades. Globally, over 15,000 Busch machines have been installed, with Best Graphics successfully selling more than 250 of these innovative machines.


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