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MB 74 L or R

Inline, 4-Up Automatic Bander

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  • Delivery

    Left, or Right

  • (3) Model Sizes

    MB-54, MB-74 & MB 104

  • Banding Stations for MB-54 & MB-74

    4; Optional Upgrade Up to 12

  • Banding Stations for MB-104

    6; Optional Upgrade Up to 12

  • Tape Width

    .98"; (3) Other Options Available

  • Max. Banding Widths

    54cm (21.25"), 74cm (29.13"), and 104cm (40.94")

  • Min. Banding Widths

    4.3cm (1.69")

  • Min. Pile Height

    3cm (1.18")

  • Output

    8 Cycles/Minute

  • Air Requirements

    160 NL/Min.; 6-Bar

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Busch MB Series Inline, Multi-Banding Machine – 

  • Capable of Banding Mixed Sheets – IE, Differing Lengths & Widths – due to Patented Machine Design
  • Coated Paper, or Polypropylene
  • Roller Delivery w/Height Adjustment for Easy Unloading
  • Be Sure to Review the PDF Brochure on the Resources Tab to Determine the Best Layout Configuration for Your Shop!


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