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Oversize Pile Turner with Aeration, Alignment, & Jogging

  • Max. Sheet Size

    1060 x 1450 mm | 41.73" x 57.09"

  • Max. Pile Height*

    1600 mm | 62.99"

  • *upgradable to 78.74"

  • Min. Pile Height

    830 mm | 32.68"

  • Platform Width

    1550 mm | 61.02"

  • Platform Depth

    1080mm | 42.52"

  • Max. Carrying Weight

    ~4,000 lbs.


Busch SWH 155 RLA  Pile Turner –

Heavy Duty Construction Automated Pile Turner With:

  • Pressure Flaps to Preserve “Air Cushion,” or “Air Pocket” Within Paper Pile
  • Siemens Control Desk to “Flip” Paper Piles, Adjust Air Volume, or Change Jogging Intensity
  • Non-Pitted Machine; Easily Movable Throughout Your Facilities via Pallet Jack
  • Includes (4) Air Blowers – Versus (2) On SWH 125 Model – to Support Carton Board Substrates
  • *Note: Video Demonstration above is of a SWH 155 RLA Automatic Model


About Busch Pile Turner:


For the demands of the printer or paper and board converter a pile turner with these capabilities represents an indispensable piece of equipment. The busch pile turner speeds up and improves both the printing and the finishing process.


Different sorts of paper and board with varying weights can be handled on the turner. As the demands for quality increase, the pile turner represents a sensible investment.  In 1978 the first Busch pile turner was designed and delivered.


With decades of experience a perfect engineering is guaranteed and top quality is Busch’s first priority. The solid and modern designed machines are well known for their easy handling – they are used worldwide and prove a notable longevity.  All Busch pile turners are designed and manufactured in own factories in Germany. The large range of models, with numerous options, fulfills all individual requirements.


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