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Master Blanker BLK

31″ x 43″ High Speed Automated Blanking System

  • Main Unit Size

    6.56' W x 8.95' D x 8.69' H

  • Main Unit Weight

    Approx. 2,800 kg | 6,160 Lbs.

  • Max. Sheet Size

    31.5" x 43.3" | 800 mm x 1100 mm

  • Min. Sheet Size

    15.75" x 15.75" | 400 mm x 400 mm

  • Mechanical Speed

    9,000 - 12,000 sheets/hour

  • Pallets Per Hour

    Approx. 5.4 Pallets

  • Single Cycle Time

    55 Seconds

  • Min. Spacing Between Blanks

    0 - 10 mm (Depending on Layout of the Sheet)

  • Max. Lift per Cycle

    80mm | 3.1"

  • Max. Pile Height at Delivery

    1,400 mm | 55"

  • Number of Pins

    3,391 Upper; 1,333 Lower

  • Power Requirements

    3-Phase, 200 V, 60 A

  • Terms

    Delivered and Installed with Training

  • Master Blanker does not require male/female blanking tools, reducing costs as well as allowing for faster changeovers
  • Operated by a single person rather than multiple people stripping the pile by hand
  • Features a template system that organizes the upper and lower pins using paperboard, ultimately using CAD software to create blanking templates utilized within the Laserck BLK Offline Blanker
  • Changeovers can be accomplished in about 5 minutes!
  • Includes an automated rotating conveyor, reducing labor for the operator, and increases efficiency
  • Includes Automatic Palletizer after blanking, which transfers the blanks to the pallet
  • Optional Lateral Conveyor for “Hard to Stack” – I.E., IML Labels – products (View YouTube link here)
  • Made in Japan! More than 100 Installs


Also watch this video of a recent, onsite customer visit captured by Best Graphics’ sales team!


New! Laserck Master Blanker BLK 31″ x 43″ Offline Blanking System – 

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