Model A / S

Full Sheet Litho Laminator / Mounter

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  • Working Widths

    125 cm (49.2") | 150 cm (59.1") | 165 cm (65.0") | 205 cm (80.7")

  • Tolerance

    1/64" | 1/32"

  • Types of Corrugated

    E/F/B/C & Double Face F/G Flute

  • Substrate Thickness

    Corrugated Up to 7mm (9/32"); Board Up to 2mm (1/8")

  • Types of Sheet

    Offset Printed Labels & Board

  • Types of Board

    10pt Up to 1/8" (2mm)

  • Printed Label Thicknesses

    120gsm (70lb) Up to 400gsm (28pt)

  • Speed

    1,500 to 11,000 Depending On Sheet Size, Thickness and Weight

  • Setup Time

    5 - 10 Minutes

  • Clean Up Time

    5 - 10 Minutes

STOCK Full Sheet Litho Laminator —

Our German Litho Laminators are ideal for mounting substrate sheets to litho printed labels/sheets, and ensure the tightest tolerances in the industry. All STOCK units are modular in design, and thus can be automated from the start, or scaled in the future. With the design of each machine, the model name is simply a construction of which modules are required. For example, a common machine offering is A-134R5/1500.


“A” refers to accuracy, as apposed to”S” which refers to speed. The “A” model has a max. speed of 3,000 sheets per hour and has a 1/64″ tolerance, while the “S” model has a max. speed of 8,000 sheets per hour and has a 1/32″ tolerance.


The “134R5” refers to the modules that the unit consists of. In this case “1” is the laminator, “3” is the take-off table, “4R” refers to the substrate sheet feeder, and “5” refers to the pressure belt.


Lastly, the “1500”  is the working width in millimeters, 49.2″ in this case. Other available options are: 1250 (59.1″), 1650 (65.0″), and 2050 (80.7″)


Contact Us with Your Applications(s) to Determine the Specific Machine Build Out Best Suited for Your Shop! 


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STOCK, manufactured in Frankfurt, Germany, has been a leading producer of Sheet-to-Sheet Mounter and Labeling machines for 50 years. With speeds up to 8,000 per hour, STOCK machines are highly regarded for their accurate registration, tight tolerances, German manufacturing standards, and high quality finishing.


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