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Semi-Automatic Collecting Table for Folder Gluers

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  • Max. Size Format

    400 x 500 mm | 15.75" x 19.69"

  • Min. Size Format

    50 x 80 mm | 1.97" x 3.15"

  • Max. Sheet Thickness

    80 mm | 3.15"

  • Material Thickness

    200 – 800 gsm carboard

  • Power

    2.8 kw

  • Weight

    ~750 lbs.

  • Machine Dimensions

    12.7' L x 6.9' W x 3.6'

SCM SO-2-500 Semi-Automatic Collecting Table

An unparalleled multipurpose tool designed to revolutionize box collection and simplify hand packing. Its compact and user-friendly design allows for effortless handling of various box types. Can be used on Straightline, Lock-bottom, Double-wall, 4-corner, and 6-corner cartons. With the SO, your Folder Gluers’ productivity soars as it streamlines the collection process, requiring minimal staff at delivery. Experience a guaranteed return on investment with the efficiency and convenience offered by the SO!


  • Optimized run for small sizes and easy adaptation to most universal Folder Gluers.
  • Accurate synchronization of the collection conveyor speed with the arrival of the box layer.
  • Easier collection of boxes and machine operation.
  • Easy and quick set-up.
  • Caster mounted it can be moved around with ease.
  • Adjustable height of the collection conveyor.


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