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Single Sided 55″ x 43″ Roll to Roll and Roll to Sheet Thermal Laminator

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Owned in Stock by MEKES Holland and Best Graphics Group, Partners for the North American Distribution of Late Model Press and Bindery Equipment from Europe.

2005 Billhofer KC 104 Roll to Sheet and Roll to Roll Thermal Laminator –

  • Model A-20 Automatic Pallet Feeder
  • Mabeg Feeder Head
  • Suction Tape Feeder Belt
  • Pneumatic Side Guide
  • Double Sheet Detection
  • Model KW-HM 104 Lamination Station
  • Heating Calendar with Water Circulation
  • Water Chiller Cooler System
  • BW 103-24 Tempering Unit
  • Model KA-HM-104 Foil and Roll Unwinder
  • Model TM-104 Automatic Sheet Separator
  • Brush and Rubber Rollers
  • Model S4 Pneumatic Belt System
  • Model S-20 Stacker
  • Plate Pallet Delivery Control Console
  • Glue Tank
  • Simco Electronics
  • Ionizing Air Nozzle
  • Max Sheet Size: 55.11″ x 43.30″
  • Max Speed: 50 Meter/Min.
  • Paper Thickness Range: 80 – 600 gr/m²
  • Includes: Pre-Melter and Inatech Nozzle Glue System for Solvent Laminating
  • Location: Europe
  • Terms: Loaded


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Billhofer KC 104 Thermal LaminatorBillhofer KC 104 Thermal Laminator
Billhofer KC 104 Thermal LaminatorBillhofer KC 104 Thermal Laminator