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2005, Ecosystem


Aqua 110

43″ x 56″ Single Sided Aqueous or Thermal Film Laminator

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Used 2005 Ecosystem Aqua 110 43″ x 56″ Single-Sided, Water Based and/or Thermal Film Laminator with Optional Hot Knife Separation Unit –

  • Hybrid Water-based and/or Thermal-based Film Laminator! Ideally Suited for High-end Packaging Production Environments!
  • Max Sheet Size: 43.30″ x 55.91″
  • Min Sheet Size: 11.02″ x 13.77″
  • Mechanical Speed: 90 Meters/Min | 295 Feet/Min
  • Automatic Feeder with Suction Table
  • Water Irrigation System for Coating Cylinder
  • Anti Spray Removal with Heated Mini Chrome Calendar Roll
  • PIAB Vacuum Unit
  • Electronic Film Cut, and Trim Unit with Tension Control, and Scrap Winder
  • Includes Standard “Burster” for Conventional Polypropylene, and OPP Films
  • Includes Optional, Upgraded Hot Knife for Nylon, Polyester, and Metalized Films (Approx. $50,000 USD Add-On)
  • Compared to New at Approximately $685,000 USD
  • Location: Dismantled, At the Factory
  • Terms: Delivered and Installed to North American, and Caribbean Facilities
  • Warranty: 30-Days Parts


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