ITEM #2044

2009, IBIS


Smart-binder SB-3

Digital Print Variable Data Saddle Stitcher with Transformer

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  • Max. Sheet Size

    17.4" x 10.7"

  • Min. Sheet Size

    3.8" x 4.7"

  • Max. Output

  • — 1-Up

    7,000 books/hour

  • — 2-Up

    14,000 books/hour

Used IBIS Smart-binder Digital Print Variable Data Saddle Stitcher —

First to market nearly two decades ago, Ibis Smart-binders are high performing, 24/7 machines for the variable data, variable page count, digital bookletmaking segment Achieving up to 7,000 booklets per hour, Ibis individually scores 4-page sheets into a
collated set before wire stitching books in 3.8” x 4.7” up to 17.4” x 10.7” size formats.


This pre-owned Smart-binder SB-3 produces IGS cold gluing in addition to wire stitched books and comes equipped with a transformer.


Purchase Details

In Best Graphics’ Stock Inventory

Location // Midwest, U.S.

Warranty // 90-Days

Terms // Skidded & Loaded

For Additional // Shipping & Installation


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