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65″ x 80″ Semi Automatic Litho Laminator

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  • Max. Speed

    Up to 1,800 s/h with (2) operators

  • Max. Format

    64" x 80.5"

  • Min. Format

    11.8" x 19.6"

  • Single Face Corrugate Range

    B,E,F, and G Flute

  • Double Face Corrugate

    Up to 7mm Thickness

  • Paper and Cardboard Top Sheet Range


  • Accuracy

    +/- 1mm

2023 STOCK S123E 65″ x 80″ Semi Automatic Litho Laminator—

Machine for sale due to lack of business, LOW LOW HOURS!


Machine includes:

  • Mounting/laminating unit.
  • Automatic registering system for substrate and printed sheets.
  • One (1) pair of pressure rollers.
  • All rollers run on double ball bearings, lubricated for lifetime use.
  • Gluing unit with two (2) glue rollers made of stainless steel and bronze.
  • Automatic glue feeding (P) system for cold-glue (PVA) – diaphragm pump.
  • The glue is always applied to the basic/substrate sheet.
  •  Intermittent (discontinuous) glue supply: only the consumed glue is fed in fresh.
  •  Short make-ready time, because all rollers are adjusted, central and parallel with hand wheels.
    o One hand wheel provides for the adjustment of the substrate sheet only.
    o A second-hand wheel provides for the adjustment of both sheets – substrate and top sheet together.
  • Short set-up (make-ready) times, allow both short orders and longer runs to be completed efficiently and economically – minimum waste for setting up the machine.
  • Fast and easy cleaning of the glue rollers – just by use of water – without auxiliary tools. Cleaning time: less than five (5) minutes. Water consumption up to 5 – 10 litres.


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Location // Westcoast, U.S.

Status // Skidded

Terms // Skidded & Loaded

For Additional // Shipping & Installation


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STOCK, manufactured in Frankfurt, Germany, has been a leading producer of Sheet-to-Sheet Mounter and Labeling machines for 50 years. With speeds up to 8,000 per hour, STOCK machines are highly regarded for their accurate registration, tight tolerances, German manufacturing standards, and high quality finishing.


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