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Ativa CS1210

Semi-Automatic Full Sheet Litho Laminator

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  • Machine Speed

    150 pieces/minute

  • Max. Sheet Size

    40" x 47"

  • Min. Sheet Size

    18" x 18"

  • Paper Thickness

  • — Upper Paper

    100 – 800 gsm

  • — Lower Paper

    180 – 800 gsm

  • Laminating Tolerance

    +/- 0.0075"

  • Machine Weight

    7.2 Tons

control-ling litho laminators

Control-ling Ativa CS1210 Litho Laminator —

The full sheet laminating system consists of the following components:

  • Mabeg-Type Rear Suction Feeder: This feeder ensures smooth handling of paper weights ranging from 70gsm to 1100gsm. It comes equipped with a pre-load pile feature for enhanced efficiency.
  • Glue Application Device: This device features a specially designed high-precision gluing mechanism. The accuracy of the glue application and metering rollers is finely tuned for optimal glue volume control. It includes a specially designed paper release finger on the application roller, which is equipped with a quick-dismantle mechanism for easy cleaning and calibration.
  • Lamination Mechanism: Innovative dynamic aligning and synchronized laminating mechanism achieves exceptional laminating accuracy within +/- 1/64 inch, ensuring precise and consistent results.
  • Transmission System: The system utilizes a planetary gear transmission for even power distribution. All drive transmissions are powered by timing belts to ensure a low noise level and high operational efficiency.
  • Press Belt Conveyor: Features motorized belt adjustment controlled by a PLC for an optimal shingling effect, resulting in perfectly flat laminated boards.
  • Stacker: Equipped with a vibration mechanism and a manual ejection gate for efficient stacking. The E-shape pallet platform facilitates quick pallet changes, streamlining the process.
  • Electric Control System: The system includes an HMI with an LCD touch screen control panel, and a PLC equipped with fault detection capabilities to monitor operational conditions, maintenance records, and job logs, ensuring reliable and user-friendly operation.


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