Best Graphics Welcomes New Partner: Cartostrip Hand-Held Strippers


AUTHOR: Charlie Hower

As mentioned in The Packaging Portal, Best Graphics is proud to announce that we’ve joined forces with Cartostrip to promote their Hand-Held Stripping devices across North America!



Cartostrip Ltd., founded in 2008, revolutionized the stripping process in the folding and corrugated industries. Its Cartostrip product, featuring a powerful motor and two-handed operation, ensures safe and efficient stripping. Offering remarkable cost savings and improved productivity makes Cartostrip a must-have in today’s production environment.



Introducing the Cartostrip Hand-Held Stripper: This innovative machine is designed for easy operation and serves as a striping device for stacks of die-cut sheets. Equipped with a powerful pneumatic drive, it ensures efficient stripping and enhances gluer throughput. With a two handed design prioritizing safety and reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries, the stripper is a reliable tool. It works on various materials, including carton board, solid and corrugated fiberboard, and laminated board. Notably, it achieves significant time saving compared to manual stripping, making is a valuable asset for improving productivity and reducing labor-intensive tasks.

Easy to Use – Simply designed to yield maximum operator precision in removing waste from die cut sheets

Quiet Operation – Very low noise levels during operation

Greater Precision – Damage free blanks provide for better gluer operation

Safety – Thoughtful design incorporates a two-handed operation with fully-enclosed pneumatics providing additional safe operation

Increased Profits – The Cartostrip provides a rapid return on investment and includes a full warranty on the product

Quality and Durability – The heavy duty motor to handle all grades of board and hardened parts for a longer life.

Cost Effective – A rapid return on investment is realized since stripping time is reduced by up to 85%

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