First Cartostrip Sale as Direct Importers


AUTHOR: John Hower

Best Graphics is thrilled to announce the recent sale of a Cartostrip Hand-held Stripping Device to a distinguished printer in Missouri. This milestone sale signifies our inaugural transaction as an official direct importer of Cartostrip products. Although we’ve only recently acquired this direct importer status, our relationship with Cartostrip spans nearly a decade as a trusted sub-agent and distributor. Our track record in successfully marketing this groundbreaking product line speaks for itself, and we’re eager to continue offering Cartostrip’s innovative solutions to the North American market!

About Cartostrip Hand-held Strippers

cartostrip stripping device

Cartostrip Ltd., founded in 2008, revolutionized the stripping process in the folding and corrugated industries. Its Cartostrip product, featuring a powerful motor and two-handed operation, ensures safe and efficient stripping. Offering remarkable cost savings and improved productivity makes Cartostrip a must-have in today’s production environment.

cartostrip stripping device

This innovative machine is designed for easy operation and serves as a striping device for stacks of die-cut sheets. Equipped with a powerful pneumatic drive, it ensures efficient stripping and enhances gluer throughput. With a two handed design prioritizing safety and reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries, the stripper is a reliable tool. It works on various materials, including carton board, solid and corrugated fiberboard, and laminated board. Notably, it achieves significant time saving compared to manual stripping, making is a valuable asset for improving productivity and reducing labor-intensive tasks.

Advantages of Cartostrip

Easy to Use – Simply designed to yield maximum operator precision in removing waste from die cut sheets

Quiet Operation – Very low noise levels during operation

Greater Precision – Damage free blanks provide for better gluer operation

Safety – Thoughtful design incorporates a two-handed operation with fully-enclosed pneumatics providing additional safe operation

Increased Profits – The Cartostrip provides a rapid return on investment and includes a full warranty on the product

Quality and Durability – The heavy duty motor to handle all grades of board and hardened parts for a longer life.

Cost Effective – A rapid return on investment is realized since stripping time is reduced by up to 85%

Give us a call, and ask how we can get you into affordable machines to increase production and reduce costs! We take used equipment trade-ins, too!

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