(x2) Osako Saddle Stitchers Purchased from Best Graphics


AUTHOR: John Hower



Two of our Osako Saddle Stitchers have been sold recently: a 2007 Osako Tener 6/C Saddle Stitcher and a New Osako Automated Set-Up Tener Alpha 6 Pocket Saddle Stitcher with Cover Feeder and Shingle Delivery. The first machine will be heading to Alabama and the latter to Utah. Both units included delivery and installation.



Best Graphics have been importing, distributing, and supporting Osako’s line of Japanese, automated Saddle Stitchers for over three decades. Founded in the early 1900s, Osako was our first partner that sought out an exclusive importer, ultimately transitioning Best Graphics from a regional distributorship to a national sales and service organization.



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