Itotec 45″ Guillotine Cutter Sold and Installed by Best Graphics


AUTHOR: John Hower

A new Itotec SC-115Z, 45″ Guillotine Cutter has been sold by the Best Graphics sales staff to the Wisconsin-based Ries Graphics. The order included installation, training, and a 2-year warranty. Ries Graphics was also able to reduce their cost by trading in a 2002 Saber 45″ Guillotine Cutter.



Itotec, manufactured in Japan, has been producing Paper Cutters, and ancillary Cutting equipment for over 100-years. Headquartered in the city of Nagoya – home of Toyota – Itotec is a 6th generation family business with an install base of more than 10,000 Paper Cutters worldwide.


itotec guillotine cutters


Unique features of the Itotec SC Series include: double arm pull, up to 6.5″ clamp opening, the most massive knife bar and frame in the industry, a knife speed of 50 cycles per minute, chrome plated bed & side tables, variable clamping pressure to 9,900 pounds per square inch, and central lubrication.



Why are businesses choosing Itotec over other cutting brands?

  • Superior Double-Arm Design
  • Longer Warranty — 5 Years!
  • More Affordable
  • Accept Trade-Ins
  • Assurance Guarantee


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itotec guillotine cutters


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