(x10) Itotec Cutters Sold In 2022 YTD


AUTHOR: John Hower


Best Graphics is proud to report that we’ve sold our 10th Itotec Cutter this year so far! The following list details the specific model sold and where it was installed:


  • eRC-115DX 45″ Cutter – Indiana
  • SC-137Z 54″ Cutter – Ohio
  • SC-137Z 54″ Cutter – North Carolina
  • SC-100Z 40.5″ Cutter – Minnesota
  • SC-137Z 54″ Cutter – Maine
  • SC-115Z 45″ Cutter – Missouri
  • SC-115Z 45″ Cutter – North Carolina
  • SC-137Z 54″ Cutter – Michigan
  • eRC-137DX 54″ Cutter – North Carolina
  • 115FC 45″ Cutter – Ontario



Itotec, manufactured in Japan, has been producing Paper Cutters, and ancillary Cutting equipment for over 100-years. Headquartered in the city of Nagoya – home of Toyota – Itotec is a 6th generation family business with an install base of more than 10,000 Paper Cutters worldwide.



Unique features of the Itotec SC Series include: double arm pull, up to 6.5″ clamp opening, the most massive knife bar and frame in the industry, a knife speed of 50 cycles per minute, chrome plated bed & side tables, variable clamping pressure to 9,900 pounds per square inch, and central lubrication.



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