Best Graphics Partners with European Distributor for Used Presses, Perfect Binders


AUTHOR: A.J. Brahm


*Update: As of 2015, Best Graphics has Forged a New Partnership with MEKES Graphics Machines, Out of the Netherlands. Learn More About MEKES via, or Call One of Our Best Graphics’ Sales Representatives Today to Learn About the Latest Models from Stock “Across the Pond”!* 

Best Graphics Group has become a North American representative for COCI, S.A.


Headquartered in Paris, France, COCI is the world’s largest secondary equipment distributor in the world. With offices in France, Germany, the UK, Italy and China, COCI has agreed, in principle, to allow Best Graphics Group to represent their portfolio of nearly 3,000 used machines to better our North American clients.


During the middle of March, Best Graphics’ sent me over to France to meet Denis Picquenot, owner of COCI, S.A., and the rest of his staff. While there, I was trained on how to use their extremely robust Intranet equipment database system.


Doing so will allow us to access to machinery located in all four corners of the globe, ultimately providing equipment solutions to new, and pre-existing, Best Graphics customers.


Here’s me, training with Julien, on COCI’s Intranet.


Best Graphics Partners with COCI, S.A.



Here’s  me again, this time with members of COCI’s fully dedicated Sales staff. From Left to Right: Wenjun Dang, Me, Eric Turcq, Suyeen Lopez & Anna Kovalenko



Best Graphics Partners with COCI, S.A.



This is Best Graphics Group’s second visit to COCI’s headquarters in France. Our President, and my father, Dan Brahm, toured Denis’ Paris facilities during the Spring of 2012:


Best Graphics Partners with COCI, S.A.



With a team of nearly 50 mechanics and engineers, COCI provides unparalleled technical support – from machinery removal, transportation, re-installation, and everything in between.


Best Graphics Partners with COCI, S.A.



Are you in the market for a newer model Press, but don’t know what to do with your old unit? Are you seeking good, late model equipment from overseas, but struggle with the liabilities and logistics tied to an international transaction? Let Best | COCI provide you with a turn-key solution where we’ll remove your old Press on trade, and deliver and install the latest model Press your budget can afford!


No hassles, no fuss. Just a name you can trust . . . Best | COCI, your leading North American equipment provider. Email me today for pricing on your next Press purchase:!


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A.J. Brahm, “Self-Appointed Chief Social Media Officer”