In Search of Used Gatefold Plates for Legacy Folders?


AUTHOR: A.J. Brahm







Bidding On a New Project and In Need of a Gatefold Plate? Buy a Used Folder at Auction but it Doesn’t Have a Gatefold Plate? We can help! –



Wayne Pagel, with USA Roller & Supply, has been an extension of the Best Graphics “family” for nearly 15 years now. Whether we own a used Folder in stock that requires re-rollering, or you have a Bindery-based consultation project that we can advise on, Wayne’s “the guy”. With years of experiences underneath Baum, and Heidelberg [Stahl], Wayne’s insight, experience, and access to solutions have been instrumental in our success [and therefore, your satisfaction].



In advance of the Q3, Q4 year-end sales “chaos”, we’d like to remind shops of USA Roller & Supply’s 40+ Folder Gatefold Plates in-stock inventory. If you own a:



  • Used Baum Ultra 714, B20, B26, B32 Folder
  • Used MBO B20, B123, B26, B30, B32
  • Used Stahl B18, B20, B26, B30
  • Used Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH-66, TH-82
  • Used h+h Folder
  • Used Vijuk/GUK Folder



. . . We likely have a good, affordably priced Gatefold Plate for you! Give us a call: (800) 236-7603 and ask to speak with our Sales staff.



Or, browse our various 26″, 30″, and ancillary Folder accessories on our site!