Large, Multi-Facility Pharma Printer Invests In New DGM 4- & 6-Corner Folder Gluer


AUTHOR: A.J. Brahm



Headquartered in the Northeast, Pharmaceutical Printer Purchases DGM Smartfold Ultra XL Folder Gluer for Their Mid-Atlantic Facility – 



Best Graphics (Waukesha, WI), in conjunction with PPCTS, closes another deal for one of our DGM Smartfold Folder Gluers with 4- and 6-Corner. A 110cm model, this DGM Smartfold Ultra XL has a maximum belt speed of 500 meters/minute.




The purchaser, a Pharmaceutical Printer headquartered in the Northeast, has opted to place the machine in their Mid-Atlantic facilities. Included as standard, the machine has a dual side register/carton alignment section. The client also elected to upgrade the machine to include 4- & 6-corner backfold capabilities, in addition to motorized carriers and job memory recall [for faster job setup/makeready].




The machine will replace the North Carolina location’s used Bobst Visionfold 110 A-2 Folder Gluer given its shorter length, slower belt speed, and limited folding/gluing capabilities. Delivery will take place in January ’21 with the install, and training to be completed in February.




Running legacy Bobst equipment, and need to affordably expand your equipment capabilities? Having troubles with those tricky cartons [and feeling like you’re missing out on business because of it]? Let Best Graphics and our line of DGM Smartfold Folder Gluers help you increase productivity and profitability.



Best Graphics_DGM Smartfold Ultra Folder Gluer_4 and 6 Corner