California Opts for Ecosystem, Replacing Komfi Laminator


AUTHOR: Sydney Becker



California-based, 2nd Generation Print Shop Purchases Ecosystem Quick 54 Model to Replace Existing Komfi 1-Sided Film Laminator – 



A Los Angeles Boutique Print Shop has committed to one of Best Graphics’ Ecosystem Quick 54 Single-Sided Film Laminators. The purchase comes complete with delivery, installation, training, and an extended warranty.



Manufactured in Northern Italy, halfway between Milan and Venice, this machine will drop ship directly from Ecosystem’s Rovereto factory [as Best Graphics has sold out of Quick 54 models in 2020]. The unit will deliver to California in January ’21 and is slated to install in February ’21.



Known as a high-end, reliable Film Laminator, Ecosystem’s Quick 54 tops out at 130+ feet/minute with a maximum sheet size format of 21″ x 30″. Ideal for polypropylene (OPP) films, Quick 54 machines are often pursued by accounts looking to produce 15 – 20 – 25,000 sheets per shift in varying size formats. With make-ready in 5 – 7 minutes, changeovers make this an attractive machine for digital, or quick turnaround shops.



In the case of this project, another decisive factor was reliability; the client’s Komfi has become unreliable and access to service and support is quite difficult in the Los Angeles market. With Service Technician in the metro-L.A. area, Best Graphics is well suited to support this client and their demanding needs.



Struggling with outdated Film Laminator equipment? Let us help. Our Ecosystem product range includes half-sized models; full-sized models; units with automatic down stackers; machines with Hot Knife technology [for Polyester and Nylon films]; and/or models capable of producing high volume, water-based film application [to keep material costs down, and profitability up]!




Learn more via the Ecosystem Product Page Overview, or follow us on LinkedIn where we’ve posted videos of recent Ecosystem installs, placements!




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