West Coast Opts for Ibis Smart Binder 3 with ‘Hybrid’ SB-097 Feeder for Versatility


AUTHOR: A.J. Brahm



California Printer Selects Best Graphics, Ibis Smart Binder for Variable Page, Variable Data Bookletmaking – 



Founded in 1980, this Los Angeles, California-based provider of secure print-mail outsourcing services regulated/compliance industries. The addition of one of Best Graphics’ (Waukesha, WI) Ibis Smart Binder Bookletmakers will allow this West Coast, women-owner facility to offer variable print, variable data Saddle Stitching from a roll and from flat sheets.



Focused on documents, including bills, statements, compliance letters, and data processing, this Ibis Smart Binder 3 will install at the client’s Santa Ana, CA facility. Additionally, the organization has a Dallas/Fort Worth, TX facility, too.



Equipped with our optional SB-097 hybrid Feeder, accounts are able to accept work from an unwound roll [4- and 8-pagers pass through the SB-097 feeder like a transport section], or via cut sheets [individual 4- and 8-pagers are loaded into the pile-based feeder in sequence]


Best Graphics_Ibis SB-097 Feeder



Equally important, the client selected the optional SB-3 package, which allows completion of booklets via a wire staple or via patented, individually glues sheets whereby the finished booklet appears “stitchless” for a more refined look. In addition to being able to offer end-users “differentiation”, the spine glued booklets also feed and insert better in the Mailing Department [during the fulfillment process].



This Ibis Smart Binder 3 with SB-097 Feeder was sold “turn key’d” with delivery, installation, training, and an extended warranty.



Looking to enhance your Bindery with personalized booklets [and 100% verification]? Hoping to differentiate yourself within the marketplace? Look no further than Best Graphics and our Ibis line of high-speed, saddle stitched Booketmakers!



Call us today to learn more: (800) 236-7603. Or, view more via the web listing on BestGraphics.net.