Best Graphics Sells New! Young Shin Revotec 106SB Die Cutter/Stripper/Blanker


AUTHOR: Tyler Blandin

New! Young Shin Revotec 106SB Blanker Sale –



Best Graphics (Waukesha, WI), the U.S. sales agent for Young Shin Flatbed Die Cutters with Stripping, Die Cutters with Blankers, and Foil Stampers, recently sold and installed a Young Shin REVOTEC 106SB in Michigan.



This machine comes with plenty of features. The micro-cut adjustment allows for adjustments left, right, forward, and back, keeping sound alignment. Its side lay system comes with a photosensor to detect any sheet misregister; the die chase is secured by clamps and screws, keeping a flat die; the machine comes with a touch screen interface, allowing for easy operation and diagnosis; the die-cutting section comes with chase turn-over and centerline for fast order change, and the stripping section features a quick-lock tool and centerline system to reduce machine up-time.



View a short video on Young Shin and their 106SB here!



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