Best Graphics Sells (x2) Ecosystem Film Laminators


AUTHOR: John Hower

Best Graphics Closes 2 Ecosystem Film Laminators –



Best Graphics (Waukesha, WI) has secured two orders for Ecosystem Film Laminators this week. The first was an Ecosystem Best 76 1-Sided Thermal Film Laminator which was purchased by a Wisconsin-based commercial printer. The second was an Ecosystem Quick 106 1-Sided Thermal Film Laminator to a commercial printer located in Northeastern Texas.



Manufactured in Northern Italy, Ecosystem has been producing Thermal and Water-based Film Laminators for 25 years. They are the leading supplier of single-sided Film Lamination equipment – with roots as a pre-supplier for Bilhoferand Steinemann equipment. Nearly 200 installations worldwide, with over 50 being in North America, have been completed by Ecosystem.



The Quick 106 is a part of Ecosystem’s “Quick” series which also includes the Quick 54 and Quick 76. These machines are perfect for short-run commercial work and are equipped with an automatic feeder, touch screen control, and manual delivery. Sleeking, Hot Knife and Downstacker options are also available. The Best 76 is an enhanced model of the Quick 76 with the primary difference being equipped with a hot knife.



Want to see these models in action? Click the links below:

Ecosystem Best 76

Ecosystem Quick 106



Best Graphics represents the entire line of Ecosystem print finishing equipment. Give us a call, and ask how we can get you into affordable machines, new or used, to increase production and reduce costs! We take used equipment trade-ins, too!



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