(x10) Ecosystem Film Laminators Sold In 2022 YTD


AUTHOR: John Hower


Best Graphics has recently completed our 10th Ecosystem Film Laminator sale of 2022! Check out which models were sold and where they were installed:


  • Quick 106 – Michigan
  • Quick 106 – New Jersey
  • Best 76 – Michigan
  • Best 76 – North Carolina
  • Quick 106 – New Jersey
  • Compact 76 – Texas
  • Quick 106 – Tennessee
  • Quick 106 – Illinois
  • Modulo Dry 76 – Texas
  • Quick 106 – Indiana



Ecosystem, manufactured in Northern Italy, has been producing Thermal, and Water-based Film Laminators for 25 years. Headquartered just two hours’ drive from both Milan and Venice, Ecosystem produce (5) Film Laminator series: the Quick, Compact, Dry, Aqua and Best lines. These 1-sided Film Laminators offer Book Publishers, Commercial Printers, Packaging Houses, and Trade Finishers water-based and thermal-based solutions at unmatched speeds.



This years most popular unit has evidently been the Quick 106 — a thermal-based laminator ideal for longer runs or oversized commercial work. This model comes equiped with: Automatic Feeder with Suction Table, Lamination Control System with Touch Screen Panel, Heated Offline Calendar Roller, Automatic Stacker as Standard, Single Laser Hot Knife. The 106 is a part of Ecosystem’s “Quick” series which also includes the Quick 54 and Quick 76, which are perfect for short-run commercial work.





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