Benefits of Film Lamination


AUTHOR: John Hower

Lamination is becoming more and more popular in a variety of markets – from restaurant menus, to maps, to business cards, to book covers, and more. Why is lamination becoming so popular? There are a multitude of benefits with film lamination.


Enhance — Lamination enhances the color, making the folded carton, flexible packaging or label appear more vivid and professional. This draws eyes to the product, making it stand out from the competition.

Durability — Lamination protects the printed piece from rough handling, allowing it to withstand frequent use. It also helps to prevent tears, which helps to protect the security of the items inside the packaging.

Protection — Lamination protects the ink from scratching and scuffing. This will prevent any ink from rubbing off of the printed piece.

Cleanliness —Laminated materials can easily be wiped clean with non-abrasive cleaners to help stop the spread of germs without harming the printed material. Lamination also adds protection from abrasion, chemicals, UV exposure, moisture, stains, grease, dirt and other contaminants.

Allure — Enhance the look and feel of the printed material with a variety of special laminate effect options.

Rigidity — Strengthens the structure of the printed material. The added thickness and durability helps to protect high use items such as menus or ID badges,

Versatility —Some films can be used in conjunction with spot UV, embossing, foil or other embellishments. Many can also be glued, die cut or perforated.

Cost Effective — Lamination is a less expensive alternative to UV coating. Lamination saves you money by allowing you to use thinner stocks of paper. Lamination saves money on reprinting because it can increase the durability and longevity of printed materials. Lamination also saves you time with reduced setup time and no clean up time.

Best Graphics’ Line of Film Laminators

Ecosystem, manufactured in Northern Italy, has been producing Thermal, and Water-based Film Laminators for 25 years. Headquartered just two hours drive from both Milan and Venice, Ecosystem produce (5) Film Laminator series: the Quick, Compact, Dry, Aqua and Best lines.

film laminator

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why lamination has become so popular in the print industry. Click here to view Best Graphics new and used Film Laminators for sale. Or give us a call for more information.

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