STOCK Litho Laminator Sold to Oregon


AUTHOR: Charlie Hower

A used STOCK S-134R/1250 49″ Full Sheet Mounter/Laminator has been sold by the Best Graphics sales staff and will be installed in an Oregon-based creative production company. The order included installation and a 12-month warranty.



STOCK, a renowned manufacturer based in Frankfurt, Germany, has been at the forefront of producing Sheet-to-Sheet Mounter and Labeling machines for five decades. Known for their exceptional quality and precision, STOCK machines have a remarkable production speed of up to 8,000 per hour. These machines are highly regarded for their precise registration, stringent tolerances, adherence to German manufacturing standards, and impeccable finishing.



STOCK’s Litho Laminators are modular units and the make-up of a specific machine is indicated by its name. We’ll use the S-134R/1250 as an example.



“S” refers to speed, as apposed to “A” which would refer to accuracy. The “S” model has a max. speed of 8,000 sheets per hour and has a 1/32″ tolerance, while the “A” model has a max. speed of 3,000 sheets per hour and has a 1/64″ tolerance.



The “134R” refers to the modules that the unit consists of. In this case “1” is the laminator, “3” is the take-off table, and “4R” refers to the substrate sheet feeder.



Lastly, the “1250 is the working width in millimeters, 49″ in this case. Other available options are: 1500 (59”) & 1650 (65”)



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