Ecosystem Quick 106 Film Laminator Sold to Illinois Publisher


AUTHOR: John Hower

A new Ecosystem Quick 106 Thermal Film Laminator with Stacker and Hot Knife has been sold by the Best Graphics sales staff to the Illinois-based Versa Press. The order included installation, training, and a 2-year warranty.

Versa reported, “1,350,000 on the lifetime counter today with zero issues. This thing has proven to be bulletproof thus far… We have a competitive advantage with this machine”. The durability of the Quick 106 is impressive, but so is its exceptional speed. Click below to watch their new work-horse machine in action!


While the Quick 106 can be seen running at 42.3 m/minute (139 ft./minute), Versa shared a picture showing that they were able to run the Laminator at an astounding 90 m/minute (295 ft./minute)!

The equipment that we sell is of the highest quality, but so is our service! The installation was completed 1 week after the contract was signed. Make no mistake — Best Graphics takes care of clients in every step of the purchase process, and beyond!

The Quick 106 is a part of Ecosystem’s “Quick” series which also includes the Quick 54 (21″ x 30″) and Quick 76 (30″ x 41″). These machines are perfect for short-run commercial work and are equipped with an automatic feeder, touch screen control, and manual delivery. Sleeking, Hot Knife and Downstacker options are also available.

Ecosystem, a manufacturer based in Northern Italy, has been producing Thermal and Water-based Film Laminators for 25 years. With its headquarters situated just two hours’ drive from both Milan and Venice, Ecosystem has established itself as a leading provider in the industry. They offer a range of five Film Laminator series: Quick, Compact, Dry, Aqua, and Best lines. Additionally, Ecosystem has recently unveiled the JetCoater series, a premier lineup of Digital UV Coaters. Nearly 200 installations worldwide, with over 50 being in North America, have been completed by Ecosystem.


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