Laserck Offline Blanker Sold to Ohio


AUTHOR: John Hower


A new Laserck BLK Offline Blanker System has been purchased from Best Graphics by an Ohio-based manufacturer.



Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the Laserck Corporation has been the premier supplier of Offline Blanking in Japan and Southeast Asia for over 35 years. With their highly patented design, Laserck has over 100 Offline Blanking systems installed worldwide. Laserck offers offline blankers in three distinct varieties: the UT, BLK, and CBL.



Why opt for an offline blanker rather than a traditional one?

  • Automates waste removal process
  • Provides higher quality box products
  • Minimizes labor costs
  • More efficient production than hand stripping
  • Less expensive than a traditional flatbed die cutter-blanker
  • Check out this Case Study for more proof!



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