Best Graphics Sells Bacciottini Creaser & Folder To New Jersey Printer


AUTHOR: Charlie Hower

A New! Bacciottini OXO MULTISKILL Creasing & Folding Machine was purchased from Best Graphics (Waukesha, WI) by the New Jersey based, Prestone Printing. In addition to the machine, the sale included delivery, installation, training, and warranties on parts and labor. A 2019 Therm-O-Type Digital Finishing System was also traded in by the company and is available for purchase!



Prestone shared their positive experience with the equipment. They stated, “It does what it needs to do”. They also found the machine “simple and easy to set up,” further emphasizing its user-friendly nature. These comments from Prestone highlight the reliability and convenience of the Bacciottini OXO MULTISKILL Creasing & Folding Machine. Click below for a video of their OXO MULTISKILL in action!



The OXO MULTISKILL is the result of a fusion using operating and quality concepts from the hugely successful PIT STOP Creasing Machines and the BUTTERFLY folding units. The OXO MULTISKILL keeps unchanged the underlying features of robust build and reliability, which are typical of all Bacciottini Products.



Bacciottini Creasing, Perforating, Punching, & Folding Machine Listings:




Bacciottini’s creasing, folding, and perforating machines encompass a range of exceptional attributes that make them invaluable additions to any existing production chain. These machines seamlessly integrate into diverse workflows, offering easy integration options. Notably, these machines excel in tooling changeovers, taking less than a minute to ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Bacciottini’s machines standout with the highest operating speeds in the industry, enabling rapid production rates for mid to high-volume digital and conventional environments. With premium electronics, these machines deliver reliable performance and consistent results. Bacciottini’s machine solutions are an appealing choice for businesses seeking quality and cost-effectiveness in their production operations.



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