Join Us at FSEA’s Print Embellishment Conference


AUTHOR: John Hower

Best Graphics will be exhibiting at FSEA’s Print Emblishment Conference, scheduled from April 9th to the 11th in Dallas, Texas.

About the Conference

The Print Embellishment Conference, co-hosted by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association and Amplify Print, serves as a pivotal gathering for entities engaged in the domain of print embellishments, including hot, cold, and digital metallic processes alongside specialty coatings. This event will delve into crucial topics such as the integration of sustainability within embellishment techniques, advancements in foil stamping, embossing engraving technology, and the essential role of technical proficiency in the marketing of embellishments.

Participants will gain insights from seasoned professionals on current trends in brand packaging, sustainable packaging solutions, and the evolving design preferences in embellishments. Additionally, the conference will feature a Supplier Trade Fair, presenting an opportunity for attendees to engage with foremost suppliers in the industry. The event will also celebrate the 31st FSEA Gold Leaf Awards, honoring excellence in the field. This conference represents a unique occasion for professionals to enhance their understanding, expand their network, and explore the latest innovations in print embellishment technologies and techniques.

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Our Embelishment Solutions

In addition to their Thermal- and Water-based Film Laminators, Ecosystem has grown with the evolution of the printing industry which has led them to develop a series of very flexible Digital U.V. Coaters for embellishing — with solutions and technical features that set them apart from the competition.

The success of the JetCoater Digital UV Coater in both Italian and international markets is attributed to its innovative features and recirculating ink supply system. This machine excels in executing spot and reserve coatings with impeccable precision, thanks to its advanced image register and vision system. It is equipped with a micrometric motorized square that ensures the precise lateral positioning of the sheet, among other functionalities, enhancing its effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Give us a call, and ask how we can get you into affordable machines to increase production and reduce costs! We take used equipment trade-ins, too!

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