Highcon to Unveil New Laser Die Cutting Solutions at Drupa ’24


AUTHOR: John Hower

Highcon Systems has announced its latest developments in laser die cutting technology set to debut at Drupa 2024. The company will introduce an enhanced portfolio that responds to the market’s demand for smaller production batches, quicker delivery times, increased sustainability, and an improved customer experience. This lineup is part of Highcon’s ongoing effort to embed digital die cutting more deeply into mainstream production workflows, emphasizing productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Key Innovations

Changes to Highcon’s portfolio include:

  • The Highcon Beam 3, equipped with the optional new Beam Writer for offline writing of DART foils, significantly increases productivity. This model is capable of producing approximately 50% more per shift compared to its predecessor, the Beam 2, while also enhancing output quality.
  • The Vulcan, a cutting-edge system currently in development, features a large-format 55” x 67” sheet size. This system aims to fully leverage digital die cutting benefits for mainstream corrugated production.
  • An updated version of the Highcon Beam 2C, which, when combined with the Beam Writer, boosts productivity by up to 50%. This upgrade is particularly beneficial for the short- and medium-run corrugated market, focusing on point-of-sale displays and web-to-pack solutions.

The Highcon Beam 3 is designed based on extensive feedback from customers and prospects. It features numerous innovations and enhancements aimed at boosting productivity and supporting a wider range of applications. With the capacity to process 10 jobs, averaging 1000 sheets each per shift, this system delivers a return on investment in under two years for operations running two shifts.

Additionally, the Highcon Beam Writer, compatible with all existing Highcon Beam systems, enables the creation of creasing rules using Highcon’s proprietary DART system and 5th Generation Consumables offline. This tool can save over 16 hours of Beam capacity per month, equivalent to two full shifts, thus boosting productivity and capacity.

The new Highcon Vulcan is set to transform mainstream corrugated production by filling a crucial gap in the market. It accommodates sheets up to 1.4 x 1.7 meters and supports board thicknesses up to 5mm, including various flutes. The Vulcan combines physical creasing with laser cutting and can process up to 3,000 full-size sheets per hour, with a job changeover time of only 5-10 minutes.

The enhanced Highcon Beam 2C, now approximately 15% faster, increases productivity for corrugated customers through faster sheet processing. When used with the optional Beam Writer, it offers a 50% productivity increase per shift. The integration of the Digital Cutting Workflow Package ensures smoother and more automated integration into existing production workflows.

About Highcon

Highcon, established in 2009 and headquartered one hour West of Jerusalem, Israel, develops and manufactures innovative Laser Die Cutting solutions. Highcon has solutions for Folding Carton and Corrugated industries. Click here to view listings!

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