Ohio Folding Carton Shop Purchases Laserck BLK Offline Blanker from Best Graphics


AUTHOR: A.J. Brahm

Midwest Packaging Company Partners with Best Graphics for Purchase of High Speed, Patented Offline Blanker – 


Best Graphics (Waukesha, WI), the North American distributor for Laserck Offline Blanking machines, has recently sold a Laserck BLK model Offline Blanker to an Ohio-based Folding Carton shop. The purchase includes delivery, training, a multi-year parts & labor warranty, in addition to the use of our Mark IV software for CAD file carton analysis.


The Laserck BLK Offline Blanker eliminates the need for temp. staff workers hand stripping cartons after the Die Cutting process. Capable of processing 3″+ lifts per cycle, Laserck BLK models can finish 5 – 7 pallets of product per hour. Alternatively, our higher-speed Laserck CBL model is capable of finishing 8+ pallets per hour. By retaining (1) low-skilled employee to operate the Laserck Offline Blanking machine, Commercial Printers and Packaging entities can repurpose the sunk costs previously invested in temporary workers to fund the purchase of a Laserck BLK or Laserck CBL model. In addition to improved productivity, organizations also benefit from:


  • Depreciation of capital equipment
  • Eliminating the uncertainty of labor staffing
  • Establishing production forecasting (I.E., knowing how many cartons a machine can complete per shift vs. a hand stripping day laborer)
  • Reducing labor overhead (through the use of manufacturing automation)
  • Removing the possibility of an employee damaging printed & finished product (which can be costly if you have to re-print, die-cut and blank)



This Cleveland, Ohio-based Print Finishing company will pay for the Laserck BLK Offline Blanking equipment with (1) re-occurring account they produce Pharmaceutical work for each month! This is in large part due to the high yielding productivity of the Laserck BLK model. With a rotating conveyor that allows up to 3″+ of product to be “punched”, the operator loads the work into the “mouth” of the Offline Blanker. A series of 4,000+ pins push through the die-cut paperboard in a way where finished work moves up, while unnecessary waste scrap is ejected down for quick removal. The good pieces transfer into our patented, automatic down stacking section to be palletized hands-free. [Video Available HERE]



The Ohio Printer currently operates Bobst Die Cutting-Stripping equipment in both B1 and B0 size formats. Upon successful installation and implementation of this 43″ BLK model, they’ll be pursuing an oversized 57″ format to support their Bobst SP 142-E model Die Cutters.


In addition to being Laserck’s North American importers, distributors, and post-sales service & support, Best Graphics represents (15) other lines of post-Press Bindery & Packaging machinery. Seeking more information? Contact us and one of our Sales staff members will be in touch!


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